Ramazzini Presentation

All AFOEM Advanced Trainees must present formally for the Ramazzini Award at the AFOEM Stream at the RACP Congress (formerly the AFOEM Annual Scientific Meeting). AFOEM trainees must present at least once during their Occupational and Environmental Medicine training to meet eligibility requirements for Fellowship.

Trainees use the Research Project as the basis for their Ramazzini Presentation.

Refer to the AFOEM Training Handbook to see if you meet the presentation criteria.

Note: Eligible applicants must submit an electronic copy of their abstract, via the Faculty office, for review by 31st January of each year.

Email the Faculty office at OccEnvMed@racp.edu.au

The Ramazzini Prize

The Ramazzini Prize in an annual award, presented to an AFOEM trainee who presents the best scientific paper related to Occupational and Environmental Medicine at the RACP Congress.

View the Ramazzini Prize eligibility and requirements.

Areas of assessment

The Ramazzini presentation assesses:

  • a trainee’s communication skills
  • the scientific quality of their Research Project
  • a trainee’s research methodology
  • the presentation as a whole


Guidance for trainees on Ramazzini Presentations (PDF 17 KB)
Ramazzini Abstract Guidelines General (PDF 72 KB)

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