Written Communications Portfolio

What is the Written Communications Portfolio?

The Written Communications Portfolio is a mandatory Stage C exit assessment for AFOEM Advanced Trainees. The portfolio assesses a trainee’s ability to convey written information effectively and appropriately in a variety of scenarios.

The portfolio includes two reports:

  • Workplace Assessment (based on individual cases)
  • Medico/legal (based on individual cases)

The medico/legal and workplace assessment reports must be current, actual/up-to-date, realistic and of a commercial/professional standard.

Who completes the Written Communications Portfolio?

The Written Communications Portfolio is an exit assessment (for AFOEM Fellowship) for Stage C trainees (trainees who have passed both the Stage B Written and Practical examinations).

Submitting your portfolio

You must submit the reports, with a completed Written Communication Portfolio Cover Sheet (PDF 118 KB) to the Faculty office by 31 March of each year.

Email the Faculty office at OccEnvMed@racp.edu.au.

Report standards

Word length

  • Covering explanatory note (up to 300 words)
  • Report (1000 – 2500 words)


All content should be de-identified to ensure personal and commercial confidentiality. Do not use individual, company, or location names in your reports.


Trainees should demonstrate their ability to:

  • Organise and prioritise information, and
  • Adapt their written technique to communicate in an effective, concise way, appropriate to the context of their report


Assume your audience is an intelligent non-expert. Do not assume your audience has any specialist knowledge.

Readers of your report may include colleagues, health professionals, employers, contractors, insurers, lawyers, the community, media representatives, patients, or employees.

Legal requirements

The reports should demonstrate your understanding of:

  • Informed consent
  • Human rights legislation
  • Privacy legislation
  • Natural justice

Portfolio assessment process

Portfolio assessment is a two-step process:

  1. Examiners, appointed by the Assessment Sub-Committee, mark the reports. The reports are judged on style, format, grammar, punctuation, compliance with word limit and medical/professional content
  2. Candidates receive their portfolio back for revision and correction (and resubmission) where necessary


  • At least two examiners assess each Written Communications Portfolio. Candidates must achieve a satisfactory standard in both reports to achieve a ‘pass' in written communication.

What happens if one or more of my reports do not meet the standards?

If one or both reports do not meet the standard, you will be provided with feedback and asked to amend and resubmit the relevant report(s). If you are asked to resubmit one or both of their WCP reports, and one or both of those resubmissions still does not meet the requirements, you will then be required to submit an entirely new WCP, including both reports, in the next WCP round in March of the following year. You must remain in active training during this time.

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Contact us for further information on the Written Communications Portfolio at OccEnvMed@racp.edu.au

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