Accreditation Review

A revised accreditation system

A revised accreditation system is being proposed and has been developed to provide a College-wide strategy for the accreditation of all training providers. 

The revised system links explicitly to College curricula, streamlines and coordinates accreditation, provides flexibility for the accreditation of a range of settings and assesses the training provider’s capacity to train. 

Under the proposed accreditation system, training providers must adhere to a set of training standards that ensure:

  • an appropriate learning environment and culture for trainees
  • high quality management of training
  • skilled supervisors that are supported in their teaching role
  • a supported training experience for trainees
  • alignment of curricula to training, with sufficient training resources, a high level of supervision, and effective feedback.

When will the new system commence?

The proposed Physician Training Accreditation System will be piloted from ​mid-2018.

The bigger picture

The changes to the accreditation system form part of the College’s Education Renewal program, where, with the introduction of the new Next Generation Learning program, a number of fundamental changes are being made to its Education program. 

The changes are aimed at improving patient care to better serve patients, their families and the community, and will provide our trainees with the skills they need to remain world class physicians.

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