Capacity to train

What is capacity to train?

Capacity to train can be defined as the combined ability of healthcare and education systems to equip specialist medical trainees to become competent independent practitioners.

Why is ​the College exploring capacity to train?

The Royal Australasian College of Physicians (RACP) is undertaking a significant program of renewal aimed at improving the quality and rigour of physician training programs.

These changes must be balanced with the demands of an unprecedented rise in the number of trainees over the last decade, together with other changes in the healthcare environment and medical education which are challenging the RACP’s capacity to provide physician training in Australia and New Zealand.

Seeking solutions

Optimising capacity to train is a key priority for the College and two strategic projects have been initiated to address this issue:

  1. Development of a computational model to provide evidence of training capacity, that is sustainable numbers of basic trainees at the individual training setting level, and the broader College level.
  2. Development of a robust model of selection to identify candidates who are best suited for physician training.

How can stakeholders provide their input to the shared solution?

Capacity to train Reference Group

A reference group comprising key internal and external stakeholders has been convened to provide advice and input through review and feedback of documents and participation in key workshops.

Site Visits

16 sites across Australia and New Zealand will be consulted regarding key factors and drivers for capacity to train and to review on-the-ground implementation of the model.

Direct stakeholder consultation

Selection into Basic Training

The Royal Australasian College of Physicians sought member feedback on a proposed selection process for candidate entry into Basic Training in Adult Internal Medicine, and Paediatrics & Child Health.

A panel of experts in the field of postgraduate medical education partnered with the College to undertake a Selection into Basic Training Quality and Feasibility study. The study aims to develop a merit based model for identifying and selecting candidates best suited for Basic Training, with progression into physician practice.

The Selection into Basic Training process is part of the College’s strategy to address Capacity to train and preparations for implementation will begin in 2017.

Stakeholders may provide feedback on the Selection into Basic Training Quality and Feasibility study consultation paper via a written submission to

More Information

Selection into Basic Training Quality and Feasibility consultation pack (PDF 874KB)

Further information

For more information on the capacity to train project please email

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