Divisional Clinical Exams FAQs (Australia)

The Divisional Clinical Examination Instructions to Candidates provides comprehensive information about the Examination process. The 2020 Instructions to Candidates will be released prior to applications opening.

In the meantime, you can read general information about key steps in the process.

Eligibility | Applications | Withdrawal of applications | Prior to Examination day | Examination day |  Following the Examination 


I'm currently not in an accredited training position. Can I sit the Clinical Examination?
Yes, provided your interruption of training is registered with the RACP and all other eligibility criteria are met.
How many attempts do I have for the Clinical Examination?
Limits on the total training time allowed and the number of exam attempts are specified by the Progression through Training Policy. Transition arrangements are in place that may be relevant to trainees sitting the Clinical Examination. For more details, please see your relevant Basic Training Handbook.


I think I am eligible to apply for the Clinical Examination but have not received an invitation to apply. What do I do?

The invitation will be sent to the email address you have registered with the RACP. You should check all inbox folders, including junk mail and promotions. Login to MyRACP and check that we have your correct details. If you have not received an invitation by Friday 15 March, email BasicTraining@racp.edu.au ;to discuss your eligibility

Why can't I see the online application in MyRACP?

The online application is only available to eligible applicants. If you're unable to access the application form but believe you should be eligible, email BasicTraining@racp.edu.au to discuss your eligibility.

What do I do if I have technical difficulties with the online application?

Email examinations@racp.edu.au for assistance before the close of applications. Smart phones and tablets may also be incompatible with the online application. If this occurs, please try the online application at home on a desktop computer or laptop. Some workplaces can have firewalls in place that can also prevent the application from processing correctly.

When an online application is successfully processed, a confirmation message will appear on your screen and a receipt for the fees paid will be available in your MyRACP. A confirmation email will be sent within half an hour of your submission. If you don't receive the email, check your junk mail and any other promotional folders. Make sure to whitelist the racp.edu.au domain to avoid missing emails.

I have missed the application deadline. Can I still apply for the Clinical Examination?

No, we are unable to accept late applications.

Withdrawal of Applications

Can I withdraw my application?

Yes. To withdraw your application, email examinations@racp.edu.au

Fee refund entitlement (% of fee paid)

Withdrawal date Refund
Adult Medicine Before 31 March 2020 100%
31 March to 25 June 2020 50%
After 26 June 2020 Nil
Paediatrics & Child Health Before 26 March 2020 100%
26 March to 24 April 2020 50%
After 24 April 2020 Nil

Refunds may be granted outside of these rules on medical or compassionate grounds but require you the submission of a special consideration application. Refer to the Special Consideration for Assessment Policy (PDF).

Can I have my application fee rolled over to the next year?

No, this option is unavailable.

Prior to Examination day

When will I know the details of my allocated examination location?

You will be sent a candidate allocation letter in mid-April (Paediatrics & Child Health) or mid-June (Adult Medicine) via email. The allocation letter will confirm the date and venue of your examination and will also provide the details of where to go in the venue. If you don't receive this letter, email examinations@racp.edu.au to request your letter be resent.

Will I need to travel to sit the exam?

Yes. You will be allocated an examination location in a different state to where you are currently working or have previously worked. If you believe you'll will experience difficulties with long-distance travel due medical or personal reasons, you must submit a special consideration request at the time of your application.

How do I make a special request about the timing or location of my exam?

Submit a special consideration request at the time of your application. We will attempt to accommodate these requests wherever possible. Requests to be allocated to a specific location will not be considered.

If you feel that you will be unable to meet the required standard due to your circumstances, we strongly recommend that you withdraw from the examination.

If you do sit the examination, the attempt will be counted and you won't be able to request special consideration.

Can I sit the Clinical Examination in New Zealand instead?

Yes, you can submit a request to sit the examination in New Zealand instead if there are extenuating reasons as to why you cannot within Australia. Apply for the Clinical Examination in Australia first, then submit your request to examinations@racp.edu.au

Allocation is not guaranteed and is dependent on availability of places.

If we're not able to grant your request to sit in New Zealand, you will be allocated an Australian examination location. You cannot sit the examination in both Australia and New Zealand within the same calendar year.

Can I visit or familiarise myself with my allocated venue prior to my Examination day?

Trainees cannot visit or contact any hospital departments in an attempt to view departments or clinic rooms that may be involved in your Examination. This can be seen as an attempt to gain an unfair advantage and is considered a breach of the Academic Integrity in Training Policy (PDF).

You are permitted to contact your allocated hospital to confirm travel times.

What do I do if I am sick leading up to my Examination or on the morning of?

You should carefully consider your ability to complete the Examination. For the Examination to be fair and valid, all candidates must demonstrate the same standard of performance on the day of the Examination. If you feel that you are unable to meet the standard required due to illness or impaired preparation, we strongly recommend that you don't attempt the Examination. If you do sit the Examination, the attempt will be counted and you won't be able to request special consideration.

Examination day

What do I have to bring to the Examination?

You need to bring your own equipment and stationery for the exam. A full list of recommended items is provided in the Instructions to Candidates. Ensure that you don't bring any prohibited items into the Examination, for example references, calculators, mobile phones or any other data storing, sharing or recording devices.

What form of ID do I bring to the Examination?

You must bring current identification that clearly shows your:

  • full name (as registered with the RACP)
  • photograph
  • signature

Examples of acceptable ID include driver’s licence and passport. When you report to your Examination venue, you'll be asked to present your ID and sign an attendance record.

I’ve changed my name and my personal details on my identification no longer match my RACP registered details. What can I do?

Update your personal information on your MyRACP page to match your formal ID. Alternatively, contact Member Services by email memberservices@racp.edu.au or phone on 1300 MY RACP (1300 69 7227).

If you haven't contacted the RACP prior to your Examination, you should bring additional supporting documentation to the Examination. This can include change of name documentation or marriage certificate. If a discrepancy occurs regarding your ID on Examination day, you'll be permitted to sit the Examination and the RACP will investigate the discrepancy after the Examination.

How do I know where to go on the day of my Examination?

Your candidate allocation letter will contain specific information on where to go in your allocated venue.

Will there be a lunch break?

Yes, there will be a 30-minute lunch break between sessions. You're advised to bring your own lunch. Hospitals may have a cafeteria to purchase items, however if you fail to report to the afternoon session of the Examination on time, you won't be granted any additional time.

Can I carry food, drinks or medication during the Examination?

You're only permitted to bring a clear bottle of water into the Examination.

If you require medication, food, or drinks other than water during the Examination on medical grounds, you must submit a request for special consideration by the due date. No other food, beverages or medication may be carried during the Examination without prior approval.

I will have a newborn baby at the time of my Examination. Will I be able to bring the baby and/or breastfeed on site?

You can bring your baby to the Examination venue but the baby cannot be present in the candidate or exam areas, in fairness to other candidates. We encourage trainees to make childcare arrangements for the day in the first instance.

If you require provisions for breastfeeding, submit a request for special consideration by the due date. We cannot guarantee standards arrangements across all hospital sites but we endeavour to accommodate all requests wherever possible.

What do I wear to the Examination?

Dress in smart professional attire for the Examination – but don't invest in a new suit. Your clothes should be appropriate, comfortable and allow you to examine your patient easily.

Can I retain my exam notes at the end of the Examination?

No, you must leave your patient notes behind with the organisers at the Examination venue for destruction. See the Academic Integrity in Training Policy (PDF).

Following the Exam

I experienced a technical or procedural issue during my Examination. What do I do?

Email examinations@racp.edu.au for advice immediately. Don't wait for results to be released. If you feel that the issue had a significant impact on your performance, and couldn't adequately be compensated for on the day, you can submit a request for special consideration.

These applications are considered by the Clinical Examination Results Committee and must be submitted by the due date. The Committee won't be able to adjust your marks or change your outcome but may grant a supplementary examination. We cannot offer a supplementary examination due to illness on the day or impaired preparation leading up to the Examination.

When will I receive my Examination results?

Notifications of results will be sent to all candidates via email from 3pm AEDT on:

  • Paediatrics & Child Health – 11 June 2020
  • Adult Medicine – 13 August 2020

The email will advise if you have been successful or unsuccessful. Ensure that your email address registered with the RACP is current by checking your details on MyRACP. If you haven't received an email by 8am the day after results are released, contact examinations@racp.edu.au or phone 1300 MY RACP (1300 69 7227).

We will resend your results notification to you. Results cannot be provided over the phone.

Can I request a supplementary examination?

Yes but only prior to release of results. You must submit a special consideration request detailing the significant technical or procedural issue that affected your performance.

Supplementary examinations are offered very rarely and the decision to offer sits solely with the Clinical Examination Results Committee. A supplementary examination cannot be offered due to illness on the day or impaired preparation leading up to the Examination.

Will I receive any feedback on my performance in the Examination?

Yes, successful candidates will receive a results letter and copies of their feedback sheets for each case via email within 4 weeks of receiving their initial result notification.

Unsuccessful candidates will receive a results letter and be invited to discuss their feedback sheets with a member of the National Examining Panel.

Ensure that your email address registered with the RACP. Login to MyRACP and check your details.

I have not received my feedback statement. What can I do?

If you don't receive your feedback statement within 4 weeks of the release of results, email examinations@racp.edu.au to request the statement to be re-sent.

I have not passed this year's Clinical Examination. Can I re-sit the Examination?

Limits on the total training time allowed and the number of Examination attempts are specified in the Progression Through Training Policy. Transition arrangements are in place that may be relevant to trainees sitting the Clinical Examination in 2019. For more details, see the Basic Training Handbook.

You can view information about your past Examination attempts in your Basic Training Portal. The next opportunity to sit the Examination is the following year. Eligible applicants will be notified via email in March of that year.

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