Managing a concern process

We are required by the Australian Medical Council and Medical Council of New Zealand to accredit the Physician Training Programs operated by Training Providers in settings across Australia and New Zealand. Among the requirements set by the regulatory bodies is the systematic and confidential collection of feedback on the quality of training, clinical experiences and supervision.

Through the implementation of the Physician Training Surveys, we collect trainee and educator feedback to help us:

  • understand the extent to which the training settings meet the accreditation standards
  • improve the quality and safety of the training experience for trainees
  • identify where additional support may be required for educators

We have a duty of care to ensure the safety of patients, our trainees and educators. The Surveys ask trainees and educators to respond to questions that can reveal a concern related to the safety or wellbeing of a patient, trainee or educator either immediately or in the long-term.

The purpose of this process is to identify and manage a concern that is identified in the Survey findings.

The process applies to the research provider, RACP and Training Providers, and to the educators and trainees who respond to the Surveys.


A 'concern' is an unfavourable response regarding an increased risk to:

  • the workplace training environment and functions (WTEF), affecting the:
    • patient or doctor safety
    • quality of the training environment
    • progression of trainees
  • the health and wellbeing (HW) of an educator or trainee

Confidentiality and consent

A concern will not be made public. Protecting the identity of the trainees and educators is a priority.

Individual responses

The researcher will contact a respondent and provide them with information about support services. Respondents can give permission to the researcher to share their contact details to assistance program, Converge International, which offers confidential and independent help.

The identity of a respondent isn't shared with the counselling service without the respondent’s consent, and information is never disclosed to by the researcher to the RACP and their employer.

Multiple responses

When a patient or doctor safety concern is identified, we can report a concern when the number of responses is less than five as part of our duty of care. This information is given to ensure the safety of individuals in the workplace. We inform the Training Provider of the concern and what setting the concern has emerged in. No de-identified data is released, including the number of respondents who raised the concern. When the probability of respondents being identified is higher, the researcher will inform the impacted respondents.

When a concern relates to the training environment or trainee progression, its reported to the Training Provider at the commencement of the next clinical year.


Managing Concerns flowchart

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