Site accreditation

An accredited training site is a hospital or health service that is approved by the RACP as a site for Basic and Advanced Trainees to complete their training.

An accredited training site is to provide a trainee with:

  • access to quality supervision during training
  • the opportunity to improve on clinical skills and knowledge
  • continuing education and research opportunities

The RACP assesses all hospitals and health services that wish to become accredited training sites to ensure they meet the criteria to provide training.

Current accredited sites

RACP-accredited sites across Australia and New Zealand for Basic and Advanced Training

Apply for accreditation

See the standards, criteria and application documentation to apply for accreditation for Basic and Advanced Training

Trainee employment

Trainees must have secured employment with an accredited training site before applying for Basic or Advanced Training.

Training position enquiries should be directed to an accredited training site. The RACP is not responsible for finding training positions for trainees.

Employers may advertise positions through Medical Positions Vacant.

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