Advanced Training Supervisor's Report

A Supervisor's Report provides a comprehensive overview of your progress and achievement during the training year. It provides you with structured feedback on your performance from your Supervisor and will inform the decision on the certification of your training.

You and your supervisor are to discuss and sign every report.

A Supervisor’s Report is also required to complete Developmental and Psychosocial Training (if applicable).

Refer to the program requirements in your Advanced Training Program handbook for specialty-specific requirements and submission deadlines.

Step-by-step: Supervisor’s Report

  1. Provide a copy of the Supervisor’s Report to your nominated supervisor(s).

  2. Arrange a meeting to discuss and complete the Supervisor's Report with your supervisor.

  3. Once agreed, you and your supervisor sign the Supervisor’s Report.

  4. Submit the electronic file, or a scanned copy (high quality), of the Supervisor’s Report to the email address specified in the report form, with your supervisor(s) copied in on the email.

  5. Save a copy of the Supervisor’s Report for your own records.

Late submission

The College reserves the right to not certify training if your Supervisor’s Report is submitted after the specified deadline.

If you submit your Supervisor’s Report late, you must attach an Application for Special Consideration. You can also submit a letter of explanation to support your application.

You must attempt to apply for Special Consideration to the College prior to the Supervisor’s Report deadline.

Applications will be assessed against the criteria outlined in the Special Consideration for Assessment Policy.

More information

See education policies for further details, documents and forms.

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