Case-based Discussion

This webpage will be retired in the coming weeks. In the future, all work-based learning and assessment information and resources will be found in your training handbook.

What is Case-based Discussion?

Case-based Discussion is a work-based assessment used to evaluate an Advanced Trainee’s professional judgement in clinical cases.

A Case-based Discussion involves a comprehensive review of clinical case(s) between an Advanced Trainee and an assessor. After the Case-based Discussion, the assessor provides valuable feedback to help the trainee improve and structure their future learning.

The Case-based Discussion aims to:

  • Guide a trainee’s learning through structured feedback
  • Improve clinical decision making, clinical knowledge and patient management
  • Provide a trainee with an opportunity to discuss their approach to the case and identify strategies to improve their practice
  • Enable the assessor to share professional knowledge and experience

Who completes the Case-based Discussion?

Case-based Discussion is a requirement of some Advanced Training programs.

See each Advanced Training Program specialty page for more information about assessment requirements.  

What happens during a Case-based Discussion?

An assessor can choose any case(s) where a trainee played a significant role in clinical decision-making and patient management. The discussion should reflect the trainee’s level of experience and be linked to the relevant Advanced Training curriculum. Curriculums are available from each Advanced Training program page.

The discussion may focus on a single complex case or a series of cases covering a wide range of clinical areas.

What are the areas for assessment?

A Case-based Discussion is used to assess a number of areas, including:

  • Record keeping
  • History taking
  • Clinical findings and interpretation
  • Management plan
  • Follow-up and future planning

How do I complete a Case-based Discussion?


Arrange a Case-based Discussion with your assessor – your assessor is responsible for choosing an appropriate case(s)


Confirm the case(s) chosen by your assessor


Provide your assessor with a copy of the:


Discuss the case(s) with your assessor (30 minutes)


Receive feedback from your assessor, who completes the Case-based Discussion rating form (10 minutes)


You and your assessor must both sign the Case-based Discussion Rating Form


Enter data from the completed Case-based Discussion form into the online Case-based Discussion tool. The online Case-based Discussion tool is available in the:


Submit a copy of the completed form to your assessor using the online Case-based Discussion tool.


For more information about completing your Case-based Discussion, download the:

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