In-Training Long Case Assessment

An In-Training Long Case Assessment is a work-based assessment to evaluate a Rehabilitation Medicine Advanced Trainee in real life settings and assess their level of professional judgment exercised in clinical cases. An In-Training Long Case Assessment involves a comprehensive review of clinical cases between an Advanced Trainee and their supervisor/ assessor. An In-Training Long Case Assessment takes approximately 90 minutes.

An In-Training Long Case Assessment aims to:

  • guide your learning through structured feedback
  • improve communication, history taking, clinical decision making, clinical knowledge and patient management
  • provide you with an opportunity to discuss your approach to the case and identify strategies to improve your practice
  • enable the assessor(s) to share their professional knowledge and experience
Trainees complete the In-Training Long Case Assessment on the AFRM Training Portal.

Formal Long Case Assessment

A Formal Long Case Assessment (FLCA) is an In-Training Long Case Assessment completed under examination conditions during your final year of Advanced Training.

You will need two Faculty Fellows to assess each FLCA. At least one assessor must be an Accredited Long Case Assessor.

View the list of Accredited Long case Assessors

Areas of assessment

The areas of assessment include:

  • clinical examination
  • history taking
  • clinical findings and interpretation
  • short-term management plan
  • impact of illness on patient & family
  • long term management plan

Assessment completion

Rehabilitation Medicine Advanced Trainees complete 12 (eight for Paediatric Rehabilitation Medicine Trainees) compulsory In-training Long Case Assessments, and two satisfactory Formal Long Case Assessments.

Long Case Assessment Process

  1. Select a clinical case to do your In-Training Long Case assessment.
  2. Organise a meeting time for your In-Training Long Case Assessment with your:
    • supervisor/assessor
    • an Accredited Long Case Assessor (if you are completing a FLCA in your final year of training)

      Note: At least one of your assessors on a FLCA must be an Accredited Long Case Assessor.
  3. Consult with your selected patient and complete a written consultation summary sheet, giving consideration to short-term and long-term rehabilitation management plans.
  4. Discuss your patient assessment and proposed management plans with your supervisor/assessor(s).
  5. Your supervisor/assessor(s) uses the Long Case Assessment rating form to rate your performance and provide you with valuable feedback.
  6. In-Training Long Case Assessment rating form
  7. Note: Trainees use the same form for both the Formal and In-Training Long Case Assessment.

    Complete the In-Training Long Case Assessment on the AFRM Training Portal.

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