Learning Need Analysis

A Learning Needs Analysis (LNA) assists Basic and Advanced Trainees to identify their learning needs, plan their learning objectives, and evaluate their progress for each rotation (Basic Training) or training period (Advanced Training).

The Learning Needs Analysis is designed to help you:

  • Tailor your learning experiences and build on clinical knowledge and skills
  • Enhance face-to-face communication with your supervisor
  • Provide information regarding your learning needs and progress
  • Reflect on your strengths, limitations and future learning strategies

Your supervisors will discuss your learning needs with you and review your learning plan.

Who do I complete my LNA with?

Basic Trainees complete their learning plan with their Ward/Service Consultant.

Advanced Trainees complete their learning plan with their supervisor.  

I am a supervisor. How do I access my trainee’s learning plan and self-evaluation?

Supervisors access their trainee’s learning plans and self-evaluations via the online training portals.

How many LNAs do I complete during my training?

Trainees need to complete a number of LNAs each year to meet their program requirements.

View the Basic Training program requirements.

For the program requirements for Advanced Training, see your Advanced Training program page.

How do I complete a LNA?

Refer to the Information Sheet for information on how to complete your LNA.

For additional information about the LNA, see:

As of 19 September 2017, a revised LNA with new and improved features came into effect. For more information about the changes, see:

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