Mini-Clinical Evaluation Exercise

This webpage will be retired in the coming weeks. In the future, all work-based learning and assessment information and resources will be found in your training handbook.

What is the Mini-Clinical Evaluation Exercise (mini-CEX)?

The Mini-Clinical Evaluation Exercise is a work-based assessment used to evaluate a trainee’s clinical performance in real life settings. The mini-CEX aims to guide a trainee’s learning and improve clinical performance through structured feedback from an assessor. It can help identify ways for trainees to improve their practice in areas such as communication, history taking, physical examination and professional practice.

Who completes the mini-CEX?

The mini-CEX is included in the Basic Training and Advanced Training programs.

Find out more about the teaching and learning requirements for Basic Training.

See each Advanced Training Program specialty page for more information about the teaching and learning requirements for Advanced Training.

What happens during a mini-CEX assessment?

  • An assessor observes your consultation with a patient in a clinical setting. The assessor then gives you feedback after the observation
  • The assessor will rate your performance on the Mini-Clinical Evaluation Exercise Rating Form and provide an overall ‘clinical competence' rating based on the outcome of the encounter
  • Your assessor will provide constructive feedback on your performance, and discuss possible improvement strategies
  • You must complete encounters on a range of cases, with each focussing on specific parts of the clinical encounter

What are the areas for assessment?

Each mini-CEX focuses on specific aspects of the clinical encounter, including:

  • History taking
  • Medical interviewing skills
  • Physical examination skills
  • Professional qualities
  • Counselling skills
  • Clinical judgement
  • Organisation and efficiency 

How do I complete a mini-CEX?


Arrange a mini-CEX with your assessor.

Discuss and agree on curriculum areas that require focus. Your assessor will then choose an appropriate consultation.


Provide your assessor with a copy of the:


Undertake a patient consultation while being observed by your assessor (15-20 minutes).


Your assessor completes the Mini-Clinical Evaluation Exercise Rating Form and provides you with feedback (10-15 minutes). Once you have received feedback, both you and the assessor sign the rating form.


Enter data from the completed mini-CEX rating form into the online mini-CEX tool. The online mini-CEX tool is available in the:


Submit a copy of the completed form to your assessor using the online mini-CEX tool.


For more information about how to complete the mini-CEX:

Basic Trainees can refer to their training program handbook.

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