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Media Releases

Understanding and treating transgender adolescents 27 May, 2015
Taking a stand against physical punishment of children 26 May, 2015
RACP calls for life-saving changes to newborn screening 26 May, 2015
Time has come to end the torment and release asylum seekers 25 May, 2015
National conversation essential to improving end-of-life care 25 May, 2015
Experts to discuss leading healthcare issues at Congress 2015 22 May, 2015
Leading physicians to convene for RACP Congress 2015 18 May, 2015
RACP warns against complacency about Australian alcohol consumption 07 May, 2015
RACP welcomes plan to ban sale of e-cigarette to minors 06 May, 2015
RACP calls for climate change action 06 May, 2015
There is no place for capital punishment 05 May, 2015
RACP calls for immunisation action 30 April, 2015
RACP welcomes ‘Choosing Wisely Australia’ 29 April, 2015
RACP welcomes Medicare Review 22 April, 2015
Protecting children report 01 April, 2015
RACP calls for commitment to alcohol reform ahead of NSW election 27 March, 2015
A ‘fit note’ not a ‘sick note’ is the key to good health in the workplace 27 March, 2015
RACP applauds new era of medicine 25 March, 2015
RACP backs Tasmanian tobacco ban 25 March, 2015
RACP welcomes funding for Specialist Training Program 19 March, 2015
Health groups unite to call on the Government to release children from immigration detention 18 March, 2015
World leaders in addiction medicine to gather in Melbourne 17 March, 2015
Ketamine: a world view needed 12 March, 2015
Opinion Piece: Medicinal cannabis - a 'wicked problem'? 27 February, 2015
RACP paediatricians back Human Rights Commission 24 February, 2015
RACP seeks guarantee that Government will protect medical research funding 18 February, 2015
Opinion piece: Saving all life 16 February, 2015
Child detention: end this shameful bipartisan policy 13 February, 2015
Minister must release children from detention 12 February, 2015
Gains being made, but efforts must be sustained to close the gap in Indigenous health 12 February, 2015
RACP supports calls to release children from immigration detention 27 January, 2015
RACP calls for commitments on medical training, research and Indigenous health ahead of QLD election 27 January, 2015
Opinion piece - Big Tobacco: New lies, same agenda 16 January, 2015
NSW Government funding for medicinal cannabis trials will provide better health outcomes for patients 22 December, 2014
Doctors warn of alcohol harm during festive season (New Zealand) 17 December, 2014
Doctors warn of alcohol harm during festive season 16 December, 2014
RACP calls for greater transparency over healthcare of asylum seekers 12 December, 2014
RACP supports calls from Emergency Medicine physicians to address the harms caused by alcohol 11 December, 2014
RACP welcomes focus on self-harm in Children’s Rights Report 08 December, 2014
Opinion Piece - We need to attract more physicians into research 05 December, 2014
Families warned against experimental stem cell treatment 21 November, 2014
RACP support Government response on Ebola 06 November, 2014
Ebola cure could be secured with greater investment 31 October, 2014
Action needed to address Australia's drinking culture 27 October, 2014
Australia needs to increase its international support for Ebola fight 22 October, 2014
President honoured with Award win 21 October, 2014
Medical cannabis clinical trial a win for all Australians 15 October, 2014
Tighter controls needed for smoking ‘gateway’ products 10 October, 2014
A national approach needed to improve access to specialist care for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples 10 October, 2014
Rehab physicians – helping Australians regain a quality of life after serious injury or disability 10 September, 2014
Opinion piece - Standards of care in offshore detention a cause for concern 10 September, 2014
World-leading rehab medicine experts converge on Adelaide 09 September, 2014
NSW Government must broaden its approach to reduce harm from alcohol 08 September, 2014
Infant formula marketing must be regulated to protect breastfeeding 05 September, 2014
Opinion piece - Medicinal cannabis - healing or harming? A doctor’s dilemma 02 September, 2014
RACP to lead push to remove barriers to specialist services for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples 26 August, 2014
Immigration Minister must release every child from immigration detention 21 August, 2014
Mosman paediatric neurologist acknowledged for outstanding contribution to health 14 August, 2014
Research into infant death rate inconsistencies across Australia needed to improve health outcomes 31 July, 2014
Expert immigration health advice needed now more than ever 31 July, 2014
Sexual health physicians support HIV home test kits 25 July, 2014
RACP expresses condolences to families of the victims of MH17 24 July, 2014
Brazil becomes 38th country to ban all forms of physical punishment 02 July, 2014
Opinion piece - Big Tobacco and plain packaging: another smoke and mirror job? 25 June, 2014
Opinion piece - No government should impede a doctor's right to care for patients 24 June, 2014
World Refugee Day 20 June, 2014
Removing children from immigration detention is the only way to protect their health 12 June, 2014
Strong support for Australian plain packaging laws 12 June, 2014
Doctors’ duty of care to people seeking asylum must be respected 05 June, 2014
New RACP President pledges to speak up to protect the health of all in our community 22 May, 2014
Royal Australasian College of Physicians 2014 Congress – Highlights Day Two 19 May, 2014
Health experts convene to discuss key healthcare issues facing NZ 18 May, 2014
Visionary approach to funding medical research must also be applied to fixing our health system 15 May, 2014
Lost opportunities in Federal Budget on preventive health measures 15 May, 2014
Future breakthroughs in spinal cord injury treatment closer with new research scholarship 13 May, 2014
Occupational physicians endorse ‘fit note’ but it must be right first time 12 May, 2014
Resignation of RACP CEO and Interim Arrangements 01 May, 2014
RACP Future Directions in Health Congress 2014 29 April, 2014
Promote breastfeeding and restrict marketing of infant formulas - RACP 25 March, 2014
Will SA become the first state to ban smack? 14 March, 2014
Parents warned to be careful of vitamin marketing targeting kids 06 March, 2014
Opinion piece - End of life care a challenge for the next South Australian government 28 February, 2014
End of life care must be a health priority for South Australian government election 28 February, 2014
Opinion piece - SA needs better access to specialist physicians in rural and remote areas 21 February, 2014
Better health models needed to improve health outcomes in Whyalla 21 February, 2014
Better health models needed to improve health outcomes in Port Augusta 21 February, 2014
Better health models needed to improve health outcomes in Mount Gambier 21 February, 2014
RACP welcomes report on Indigenous health but more needs to be done 12 February, 2014
RACP welcomes national inquiry into children in detention 03 February, 2014
Opinion piece - NT Government must consider the facts and abandon open speed trial 31 January, 2014
NSW alcohol reforms welcomed - further action needed 24 January, 2014
Major medical bodies campaign against NT open speed limit trial 17 January, 2014
Opinion piece - RACP shares concern on new claims suggesting asylum seeker health is being neglected 20 December, 2013
RACP calls for greater specialist engagement on e-health records 19 December, 2013
Opinion piece - IHAG critical to protecting asylum seeker health 18 December, 2013
Expert immigration health advice needed now more than ever 16 December, 2013
RACP concerned over increased ratio of Indigenous to non-Indigenous youth in detention 11 December, 2013
College votes 2-1 in favour of reform – but motion not carried 05 December, 2013
RACP continues to advocate for vulnerable children 03 December, 2013
Government failing to protect the health of asylum seeker children 29 November, 2013
Australasia's largest specialist medical college undergoing a period of reform 27 November, 2013
More evidence to support taxing alcoholic drinks by content to reduce harm 29 October, 2013
Physicians call for more effective workplace reforms - performance and productivity gains could be tripled - New Zealand 24 October, 2013
Physicians call for more effective workplace reforms - performance and productivity gains could be tripled 24 October, 2013
NSW Government must act to reduce alcohol-related harm 24 October, 2013
RACP urges NT government to reconsider plans to trial open speed limit 22 October, 2013
Health of unaccompanied children in detention at risk 27 September, 2013
RACP welcomes new Ministers to the Health portfolio 17 September, 2013
Opinion piece - Where are the health policies? 12 September, 2013
Children's oral health must be a priority of incoming government 30 August, 2013
RACP continues campaign to end physical punishment of children 29 August, 2013
Paediatrician to receive top award and make recommendations on SIDS 28 August, 2013
RACP calls for better and earlier intervention for children with disabilities 26 August, 2013
2013 International Congress of Pediatrics begins tomorrow 23 August, 2013
Ensuring the health of asylum seekers while they are being processed is an issue of rights 23 August, 2013
Government should concentrate on preventive health to ease hospital burden 22 August, 2013
World-leading experts gather to discuss health of children 15 August, 2013
Inequality in health should be key focus of incoming government 14 August, 2013
Key health policies must be a priority for the incoming government 09 August, 2013
Increase in tobacco excise an important step to reduce smoking rates in Australia 02 August, 2013
Child health experts call for change on how we discipline our children 26 July, 2013
Penalising doctors for self-education will jeopardise the quality of our healthcare system 11 July, 2013
Case conferencing helps injured and ill employees return to work 03 July, 2013
RACP and Te Ora call for scholarship entries 01 July, 2013
The detention of highly vulnerable children must be stopped 20 June, 2013
Hamilton Council’s decision to remove fluoride concerns New Zealand physicians 14 June, 2013
RACP Future Directions in Health Congress 2013 - Day Three - Highlights 06 June, 2013
RACP Future Directions in Health Congress 2013 – Day Two Highlights 29 May, 2013
RACP Future Directions in Health Congress 2013 - Day One Highlights 27 May, 2013
RACP calls on doctors to take better care of their own health 27 May, 2013
RACP Congress media invitation 23 May, 2013
75 Years of Excellence_May 2013 23 May, 2013
Paediatricians urge measured use of CT scans as a diagnostic tool for sick children 22 May, 2013
Good start, but community health initiatives continue to be missed 14 May, 2013
Physicians welcome comprehensive approach to getting people back to work faster 07 May, 2013
Leading paediatricians call for the immediate end to children in detention 02 May, 2013
NHMRC and RACP collaborate to support young researchers 01 May, 2013
Australasian Paediatricians call for global action ahead of World Immunisation Week 22 April, 2013
Critical rehabilitation services to be lost if states and Federal government cannot agree_18 April 2013 18 April, 2013
Professor Stephen Clarke recipient of prestigious award 10 April, 2013
Dr Robin Chase recipient of prestigious award 10 April, 2013
Dr Rob Gillett recipient of prestigious award 10 April, 2013
Associate Professor Peter Gow recipient of prestigious award 10 April, 2013
Associate Professor Harriet Hiscock recipient of prestigious award 10 April, 2013
Dr Catherine Yelland recipient of prestigious award 10 April, 2013
Dr Brent Seamus O'Carrigan recipient of prestigious award 10 April, 2013
Leading organisations convene to help end female genital mutilation 09 April, 2013
Foremost experts in addiction medicine to convene from tomorrow 14 March, 2013
RACP calls for national healthcare standards for incarcerated adolescents 11 March, 2013
A sustainable health workforce critical ahead of WA state election 07 March, 2013
Medical specialists call for equality in eHealth incentives 05 March, 2013
Government urged to uphold commitment of health in wake of the Trans-Pacific Partnership 27 February, 2013
Water fluoridation - The most effective preventive oral health measure for NZ children 26 February, 2013
Action needed to reduce medication related death 26 February, 2013
Australian Government urged to take a leadership role to combat the increasing prevelence of STIs 18 February, 2013
Continued funding critical for Indigenous health reform in light of close the gap initiatives 06 February, 2013
Top physicians welcome innovative HIV testing 19 December, 2012
Physicians welcome plain packaging for cigarettes 30 November, 2012
Health workforce distribution – ensuring rural workforce training to sustain community needs 22 November, 2012
Report marks critical first step for delivery of health in Australia 09 November, 2012
Physicians call for vigilance to avoid immunisation complacency 29 October, 2012
Workshop to focus on rural healthcare 25 October, 2012
RACP working to improve healthcare in remote communities 25 October, 2012
White Paper for Vulnerable Children: Physicians offer qualified support, but still concerned 19 October, 2012
The RACP working with Governments to improve healthcare in rural communities 04 October, 2012
Waikato and Auckland doctors receive RACP PRIDoC scholarships 28 September, 2012
Paediatricians and dentists combine to further child oral health 17 September, 2012
Paediatricians applaud $2.7 billion investment into child oral health 30 August, 2012
Leading specialist medical college welcomes the expansion of rural generalist programs 24 August, 2012
Call to end the detention of society's most vulnerable 24 August, 2012
Alcohol and road safety critical issues ahead of the NT election: Leading medical College 22 August, 2012
Improving healthcare outcomes through innovative technologies 06 August, 2012
Inquiry into the determinants of wellbeing for Maori children 27 July, 2012
Addiction specialists call for strong measures to end alcohol-fuelled violence 20 July, 2012
Adequate funding needed for appropriate palliative care 04 July, 2012
Radiation and Children 13 June, 2012
New President named for Australasia's largest specialist medical college 30 May, 2012
Attracting and retaining specialists in rural communities a priority 11 May, 2012
When doctors get sick 09 May, 2012
Good start but more needs to be done in Federal Budget 08 May, 2012
Every rural community deserving of access to specialist services 08 May, 2012
Information sharing key to improving healthcare outcomes 07 May, 2012
Social determinants of health 07 May, 2012
Increased focus on professional development for physicians 01 May, 2012
Physicians convene to tackle disease and injury 01 May, 2012
Local Auckland doctor awarded Indigenous medical scholarship 30 April, 2012
Local Western Sydney medical student awarded Indigenous medical scholarship 30 April, 2012
Female genital mutilation an unacceptable practice in Australia and New Zealand 24 April, 2012
Universal dental scheme needed to address health inequalities 20 April, 2012
Aged care reform must incorporate co-ordinated healthcare delivery 20 April, 2012
Coordination critical in the assessment of international medical graduates: Leading medical college 19 March, 2012
Aged care reform urgently needed according to leading healthcare professionals 13 March, 2012
Medical experts applaud paradigm shift in smoking 07 March, 2012
Physicians call for action on the Green Paper for Vulnerable Children 28 February, 2012
Dr Kelly Stanton honoured with prestigious award by peak medical body 21 February, 2012
Professor Michael South honoured with prestigious award by peak medical body 21 February, 2012
Dr William Stone honoured with prestigious award by peak medical body 21 February, 2012
Professor David Forbes honoured with prestigious award by peak medical body 21 February, 2012
Professor Don Roberton honoured with prestigious award by peak medical body 21 February, 2012
Dr John Hurley honoured with prestigious award by peak medical body 21 February, 2012
Dr Ashim Sinha honoured with prestigious award by peak medical body 21 February, 2012
Dr Andrew Dodgshun honoured with prestigious award by peak medical body 21 February, 2012
Getting specialists into rural areas 21 February, 2012
Fewer deaths and overdoses to result from opioid tracking 15 February, 2012
E-Health Communique 15 February, 2012
RACP Indigenous Medical Scholarships 2012 13 February, 2012
Physicians call for more specialist care in rural areas for chronic illnesses 04 January, 2012
Australian doctor recognised as a pioneer in stem cell research 06 December, 2011
Mandating health warning labels on alcohol products closer to reality 01 December, 2011
Medical specialists welcome new GP Super Clinic 28 November, 2011
Physicians to workshop access to health services in rural setting 28 October, 2011
Cardiovascular disease causing premature death in women 07 October, 2011
Healthcare professionals unite on the health benefits of work 22 September, 2011
Physicians support national approach to national hospital pricing 22 September, 2011
The great missing link in the healthcare system 14 September, 2011
Leading experts to convene on crucial rehabilitation reform 08 September, 2011
New Zealand physicians weigh in on alcohol bill 07 September, 2011
Governments urged to put political agendas aside 19 August, 2011
Strong action needed to save thousands of Australian lives per year 15 August, 2011
Work is good for you 11 August, 2011
Disability insurance scheme a key milestone 11 August, 2011
Widespread reform needed to end fragmented care 09 August, 2011
Climate change support welcomed for thousands of at-risk patients 01 July, 2011
Removing distance time and cost barriers to health 01 July, 2011
Specialists welcome initiatives to reduce alcohol-fuelled violence 24 June, 2011
No place for children in detention 10 June, 2011
Talk can't close the gap, but action will 25 May, 2011
Cultural and chronic disease challenges in the Indigenous workforce 24 May, 2011
Health of incarcerated adolescents brought to the fore 24 May, 2011
Potential for Indigenous health wins never greater 23 May, 2011
Modern addiction medicine has much to offer Indigenous 23 May, 2011
Indigenous health and trust - hard to win, easy to lose 23 May, 2011
The College supports climate change action and patient protection 20 May, 2011
Federal investment in telehealth a welcome initiative from leading medical specialists 12 May, 2011
Physicians cautiously welcome federal budget outcomes 11 May, 2011
Call to consider the health implications of the disadvantaged in climate change action 04 May, 2011
Good health budget but more needed from the Victorian government 03 May, 2011
Leading medical specialists to help close the Indigenous gap 24 April, 2011
Medical experts call for a rethink to budget cuts on medical research 12 April, 2011
Physicians forge consensus on health benefits of work 01 April, 2011
Medical scholarships to help close the gap 18 March, 2011
Medical specialists call for immediate end to detaining children 16 March, 2011
Primary health care requires primray focus amidst election promises 04 March, 2011
The College presents on Overseas Trained Doctors at the Parliamentary Inquiry 25 February, 2011
College examinations update 23 February, 2011
Physicians welcome coordinated approach to Medicare Locals 22 February, 2011
Christchurch earthquake statement 22 February, 2011
COAG meeting a watershed moment in Australian health 11 February, 2011
Physicians celebrated with Australia Day honours 27 January, 2011
RACP calls for retraction of news article relating to infant circumcision 25 January, 2011
Call for action to minimise harm to children in hospitals 17 January, 2011
Queensland Flood Crisis 11 January, 2011
Christmas excess leads to alcohol-related domestic violence 15 December, 2010
Telehealth set to revolutionise physician - patient relationship and aid remote health 30 November, 2010
Associate Professor Noel Hayman is announced Queensland Australian of the Year 19 November, 2010
Headway made in chronic disease prevention 18 November, 2010
Call to action to curb alcohol-related violence 10 November, 2010
Victorian politicians urged to deliver on health in the lead up to the State election 08 November, 2010
Call to action for State Governments on health reform 29 October, 2010
Medical experts applaud MSIC 29 October, 2010
College of Physicians refute alcopop study conclusions 27 September, 2010
Campaign against plain packaging all smoke and mirrors 17 September, 2010
RACP weighs in on medically supervised injection centre 15 September, 2010
National Health Priorities - 2010 Federal Election 12 August, 2010
Specialist Medical Colleges endorse key anti-smoking measure 05 August, 2010
Physicians welcome the Government’s move to mandate plain tobacco packaging 29 April, 2010
Faculty President Flags New Approach to Work Disability 27 April, 2010
New lap-banding surgery guidelines for young people 23 March, 2010
RACP Welcomes Prime Minister’s Commitment to Training 22 March, 2010
Australian Genetic Professionals Endorse United States of America’s Government Recommendations on Gene Patent 02 March, 2010
Cutting carbon can improve health 30 November, 2009
Media statement - ADHD guidelines 30 November, 2009
Draft ADHD Guidelines Released 24 November, 2009
Support Police by Preventing Alcohol-Fuelled Violence, say Health Groups 19 November, 2009
Physicians urge immediate passage of Preventive Health Agency Bill 27 October, 2009
Letter to the Editor about Garlin Seminar 23 October, 2009
Letter to the Editor about 130kph Speed Limits 20 October, 2009
Quick Action on Prevention Great for Nation’s Health 10 September, 2009
Industry Must Accept Role in Obesity Battle 04 September, 2009
RACP calls for mandatory “Traffic Light” labelling on packaged food and beverages 01 September, 2009
Opportunity for Australia to be world leader in health 01 September, 2009
RACP welcomes NPHT recommendation on plain tobacco packaging 01 September, 2009
RACP applauds recommendation for national ban on smoking in vehicles carrying children 01 September, 2009
Physicians applauds the passing of the alcopops tax by the senate today 13 August, 2009
RACP welcomes NHHRC recommendations 27 July, 2009
RACP releases first Australian prescription opioid policy report 12 June, 2009
The Really Caring for Kids coalition 11 June, 2009
Children at Greater Risk Due to NT Child Protection Legislation 25 May, 2009
New RACP policy recommends children and adolescents retain specialist, stand-alone healthcare services 20 May, 2009
Real Commitment to Close the Gap to be Applauded 12 May, 2009
Prevention of child abuse and neglect should be everyone’s business 28 April, 2009
New Alcohol Guidelines A Wake-Up Call To Australians, Physicians Say 06 March, 2009
Health Report lays Foundation for “true reform” says RACP 16 February, 2009
RACP announces new CEO 23 January, 2009

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