Paediatricians support vaccinations for young people: “Protecting children from COVID-19 is the best thing to do”

27 August 2021

The Royal Australasian College of Physicians (RACP) has recommended that all children aged 12-15 years receive the Pfizer COVID-19 vaccination when available, in line with recent ATAGI advice.

This follows a recent recommendation to administer the Pfizer vaccine to children in this age bracket with pre-existing medical conditions, Indigenous children and children living in remote communities.

The Delta strain of COVID-19 causes infection in a higher number of children, making vaccination in this age group a priority.

“Parents can be confident that the safety and effectiveness of the vaccines has been carefully evaluated through international clinical trials and analysis of real-world data," RACP President Professor John Wilson says.

“But as children in this cohort await their first dose, the best thing we can all do to protect our children right now is to get vaccinated ourselves as soon as possible.”

RACP President-elect, Paediatrician Jacqueline Small said “Paediatricians are more than ready to advise parents and carers of children about their child’s eligibility as well as respond to any questions about the safety or effectiveness of the vaccine.”

The RACP has also called on National Cabinet to make getting children back to school safely, and keeping them there, a priority, and provide national guidelines on the path forward.

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