RACP backs statement promoting integrity and ethics in healthcare

The Royal Australasian College of Physicians (RACP) welcomes the launch of a new consensus statement promoting ethical values and practices in Australian healthcare. 

The statement aims to promote ethical collaboration and interaction among healthcare sector organisations and for those who work within them to benefit patients, students, educators, healthcare systems, and the broader population.  

It encourages better dialogue, trust and respect between and among organisations and is designed to promote public confidence and trust in healthcare.

Commenting on the statement, RACP President A/Prof Mark Lane said:

“Ethics and shared values are integral to clinical practice and we feel they should be discussed and supported by appropriate strategies. 

“We support the consensus statement, which describes the values and ethical principles that should form the basis of collaboration and interaction among health organisations. We are pleased this initiative has been endorsed by Federal, state and territory health ministers.” 

The statement was developed by several medical colleges, health bodies, hospital and health services associations, regulators, patient and advocacy groups and related industry organisations, with support from the Federal Department of Health. 

The RACP’s Ethics Committee took a leading role in the statement’s development.
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