Over 5,000 doctors sign open letter to save Medevac ahead of possible Senate vote

November 27, 2019

Today Professor David Isaacs presented an open letter signed by over 5,000 Australian doctors calling on Parliament to save Medevac.

The letter supports the call issued by 13 medical colleges, including the Royal Australian College of Physicians, as well as the Australian Medical Association, to protect the life-saving Medevac legislation.

Professor David Isaacs from the Royal Australasian College of Physicians said “The Medevac legislation is working. Asylum seekers and refugees in need of medical attention are getting the medical treatment they need. 

“Medical decisions must be made by medical experts.

“We know that previous delays and failures to transfer ill asylum seekers resulted in preventable suffering.

“Every person should have access to necessary and appropriate medical care and, as clinicians, we have a duty to uphold this basic human right.

“The medical community is united in asking the Parliament to protect the Medevac legislation.

“Save Medevac because Medevac Saves Lives.”
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