RACP urges Newcastle Mayor to protect community from alcohol related violence

March 5, 2021

The RACP has written to Ms Nuatali Nelmes, Lord Mayor of Newcastle, to urge her to rethink the ongoing push to extend alcohol trading hours, and protect the Newcastle community from alcohol related violence.

The RACP says that increasing alcohol trading hours, referred to in the Draft Newcastle Destination Management Plan as reversing the “lockout laws”, will lead to an increase in alcohol related violence.

Australasian Chapter of Addiction Medicine President-elect Adrian Dunlop said “The evidence is clear: extending late night alcohol trading hours has a direct impact on alcohol related violence.

“Just like the approach to the COVID-19 pandemic – all levels of Government must be listening to the health experts and looking at the evidence of what happens when you extend late night alcohol trading.

“We should not be scrapping our successful Newcastle lockout laws at the behest of powerful alcohol lobby groups.

“The ongoing wind back of the lockout laws must be stopped, and the local government should have had an opportunity to intervene.

“We must address the lack of independent community representation and limited engagement of health experts in decision-making when it comes to the Newcastle community and the laws that impact them.

“The RACP calls on the Newcastle Mayor to intervene and keep the Newcastle community safe from alcohol related violence. The way to do that, clearly, is keeping these successful laws in place.

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