RACP rejects idea of moving to exclude COVID-19 from death cover

March 27, 2020

The Royal Australasian College of Physicians says it is shocked by reports today that one insurer was moving to exclude COVID-19 from their new life insurance policies.  

Professor John Wilson, President-elect of the RACP and Respiratory Physician said “If true, this news today is unnecessarily distressing.

“Healthcare workers must be able to treat patients during this pandemic without having to worry that their life insurance will be compromised, should they catch COVID-19 and not survive.

“While healthcare workers are out there on the frontline risking their lives and precious time with their families to save lives – insurance companies are allegedly finding ways of reducing cover for the very health workers they and the community will be relying on for treatment. 

“We call on all insurers to do the right thing in this pandemic. Should the practice of limiting cover because of COVID-19 be true, we will be seeking Federal Government intervention.

“This is a disturbing idea, and in light of this news, we must see other insurers come out and confirm they are guaranteeing life insurance cover for their customers despite being impacted by COVID-19.”

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