Statement regarding gender identity correspondence

20 August 2019

The RACP strongly supports supportive and welcoming care for children, adolescents and adults experiencing gender dysphoria. We note in this context the Australian position statement, “Australian standards of care and treatment guidelines for transgender and gender diverse children and adolescents” published in the Medical Journal of Australia in 2018, and discussed in the Lancet, as well as the Australian Standards of Care and Treatment Guidelines for Trans and Gender Diverse Children and Adolescents.

The RACP has received correspondence in relation to treatment of gender dysphoria in children and adolescents, and we are seeking advice from our relevant expert groups to inform our response.

The RACP urges careful and respectful discussion of these issues in consideration of the potential impacts of public discussion on the health and wellbeing of highly vulnerable people.

Following media reports, the RACP received enquiries from College members and members of the public asking for clarification on the above. Minister Hunt has requested that the RACP, as the relevant expert clinical body, consider and advise on the clinical best practice for the treatment of gender dysphoria in children and adolescents. The RACP will consult with our relevant committees and expert groups in providing this advice. Importantly, the RACP is primarily an educational institution and does not conduct inquiries.
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