The ROC (RACP Online Community) is a secure online forum and series of communities exclusively for all RACP Fellows and trainees.

All members are automatically entitled to join as a privilege of College membership.

Join the ROC

Download the app from the App Store or Google Play, or log in via MyRACP.

If you haven’t used this type of platform before, think of it as a virtual town hall for the entire College and a series of different online common rooms for different Divisions, Faculties and Chapters.

Watch this short video on what members have to say about their experience on the ROC.

Mentor Match

Mentor Match helps you find and connect with others based on your mentoring preferences and professional goals. You can register to be a mentor or mentee and based on your selections, you can connect and start a mentoring relationship. Watch this short video to see how easy it is to participate.


Why are we introducing an online community?

For many years, you’ve told us you want to find and contact other members, without the College bureaucracy. The ROC allows you to do this.

In the ROC, you can post topics, questions and start discussions which other members can immediately see and respond to. It’s prompt and more accessible than email. You can expand your network of contacts across the membership or within your immediate specialty, Division, Faculty or Chapter.

Have members been consulted?

Yes. Around 300 members participated in a pilot before launch, to ensure the platform is useful for physicians. Feedback has been positive.

How do I get into the ROC?

Download the ROC app from the Apple App store or Google Play store, or login via MyRACP.

I want to look at posts and read material, but I don’t want my contact details shared. Is that possible?

Yes. Only your name and location is made available to all members. You’re in control of your own identity on the ROC and can share as much or as little contact information as you want.

Does anyone else have access to the ROC?

A small number of staff support the communities in the ROC and will post content such as College announcements and events. But the Communities are for Fellows and trainees to use.

Do I have to post content to participate?

You’re welcome to simply read threads, view content and discussions by other members, before dipping your toe in the water and posting something. Online communities thrive and grow if members participate so we encourage you to post and participate.

What are communities?

Communities are made up of a group of members:

  • from a Division, Faculty or Chapter
  • from the same location
  • with similar interests

They allow you to participate in discussions and share resources with other members.

What communities do I already belong to?

As a member, you automatically belong to some communities:

  • Open Forum or ’All member‘ community
  • your location community (e.g. region or country)
  • your Division, Faculty or Chapter community

I prefer email. If I don’t check the ROC regularly, will I miss content I’m interested in?

You’ll receive one short email digest each Thursday with new content posted the previous week.

You can reconfigure your settings to email you:

  • In real time | emails every time a new message is posted
  • As a daily digest | one email each day, consolidating all posts from the previous day
  • As a weekly digest | one email each week, consolidating all posts from the previous week
  • As a consolidated digest | combine multiple communities into one email
  • No email | join the group without receiving emails - you can still post and read messages by logging in to the community site

Can I discuss cases with my peers on the ROC?

Yes, you can if you appropriately anonymise details so patient(s) are not identifiable. Normal principles of privacy apply.

What happens if there is an inappropriate post on the ROC?

Above all, we want conversations to be respectful and professional. All members must agree to the ROC Terms and Conditions when they log in for the first time and these emphasise collegial behaviour in each community.

If you feel a post is inappropriate, refer it for moderation. A community manager will review the post. Then you and the person who made the post will be notified of the decision. When a post has been referred for moderation, it will not be visible until a decision has been made.

Can I set up my own community on the ROC?

See the ROC community request form for details on how to set up your own community.

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