Basic Training

Basic Training is the first step in a minimum six-year training program with the RACP to become a Physician.
The RACP training program generally includes three years of Basic Training (including the Divisional Written Examination and Divisional Clinical Examination) and three or more years of Advanced Training. 

During Basic Training, you will:

  • Experience working in diverse medical specialties with a broad focus in Adult Internal Medicine or Paediatrics & Child Health
  • Complete training rotations with a range of hospitals and health services
  • Build on the clinical knowledge and skills gained during your medical degree to develop the professional qualities, attitudes and behaviours you need to become a competent Physician

​Once you have completed Basic Training, you will be able to go on to complete Advanced Training in one of 33 medical specialties.

After completing Basic and Advanced Training, you will be eligible to practice as a qualified Physician in Australia or New Zealand.

Find out more about who a Physician is and what they do.

What is involved in the Basic Training program?

Trainees complete Basic Training over three years (36 months full time equivalent) guided by the Basic Training handbooks and curricula in either Adult Internal Medicine or Paediatrics & Child Health. Physicians and other health professionals supervise and mentor trainees throughout their training.

The Basic Training program includes:
  • Rotations across a range of medical specialties and health care settings
  • Work-based assessments to monitor a trainee’s progress and provide feedback on their training
  • The Divisional Written and Clinical Examinations towards the end of training to test a trainee's knowledge and skills and determine if they are eligible to progress to Advanced Training
See the full program requirements for Basic Training

Important notice: reduction to number of Divisional exam attempts and time limit to use exam attempts approved

Please see the Trainee and Supervisor Guide (PDF 415KB) for key changes and transitional arrangements.

To see the revised ​Progression Through Training ​and ​Flexible Training policies and "At a Glance" documents can be found on the Education Policy webpage.

What is Adult Internal Medicine?

Adult Internal Medicine involves the diagnosis and management of complex medical problems of Adult patients. Completing Basic Training in Adult Internal Medicine will allow you to train in general medicine and/or specialise in one of 26 diverse medical specialities when you complete your Advanced Training.

What is Paediatrics & Child Health?

Paediatrics & Child Health focuses on the health and medical care of neonates (birth to four weeks) to children of 17 years of age. Completing Basic Training in Paediatrics & Child Health will allow you to specialise in one of 26 medical specialties including General Paediatrics, Neonatal/Perinatal Medicine and Community Child Health when you complete your Advanced Training.

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