RACP Investment Plan

What's the College investing in?

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We have 3 major projects underway this year:

  • Advanced Training Curriculum Renewal (ATCR). We're accelerating bringing the rest of our AT curricula in line with AMC requirements, based on the successful process completed for 15 specialties in 2023.
  • Training Management Platform (TMP). We're implementing a modern training management platform to support the administration and management of the new Basic and Advanced Training curricula. The solution will focus on enhancing the overall user experience for our trainees, supervisors, DPEs and employees.
  • Member Relationship Management platform (MRM). This is a foundation platform that will deliver a more personalised, proactive and supportive service-offering to our members throughout their career journey with the College. We'll collect and manage member data to provide personalised digital products and services, a clearer focus on member-centric automation, and proactively respond to evolving member needs.

For further information about the College’s investment plan, you can:

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