Professional behaviour

We work with members and external stakeholders to support the highest standards of professional, respectful and supportive behaviour in all our activities.

The collaboration recognises the role of workplaces and training environments where physician and paediatric training programs are delivered and patient care is provided.

The RACP promotes a safe and supportive learning environment for Fellows and trainees through the following measures.

Standards, policies and guidelines

  • Raise awareness about the standards of behaviour expected of RACP members in the conduct of their professional duties.
  • Review current standards for accreditation of training sites specifically relating to training and unacceptable behaviour, including workplace bullying.
  • Establish agreed protocols with employers about the investigation and management of complaints.

Training and support

  • Provide training and support for supervisors and trainees about positive and negative behaviours, and practices in the workplace.
  • Build a culture where professional behaviour is role modelled and poor professional behaviour is discouraged and remediated.
  • Provide access to information, resources and support including a confidential help line for members affected by unacceptable behaviour.


  • Collaborate with other medical professional organisations to share and/or develop learning resources for trainees and supervisors that promote wellness and positive behaviour.
  • Work with employers and accredited sites to reinforce the standards of behaviour and conduct expected of RACP supervisors.
  • Clarify the role of the RACP and employers when unacceptable behaviour occurs in the workplace.
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