A setting is a health service, like a hospital, accredited to coordinate and deliver work-based training for our Training Programs.

Training Provider and Basic Training Program Accreditation

Learn more about the RACP Training Provider Standards and Basic Training Accreditation Requirements.

Advanced Training

View the standards and documentation to apply for Advanced Training Program accreditation.

Accreditation Renewal

Find out about the Accreditation Program implementation for settings offering Basic Training Programs.


Learn more about training accreditation services through self-paced e-modules.

An accredited setting:

  • delivers workplace training to develop competent physicians who provide safe healthcare to patients
  • safeguards trainees and trainee-delivered patient care
  • promotes high-quality learning
  • supports quality teaching and supervision
  • enables training providers to reflect on their training and make improvements

We assess all health services that provide physician training.

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