See the President's message on the 2024 fee increase

Dear members,

The RACP Board is announcing a decision to increase fees by 6 per cent for both Trainees and Fellows for the 2024 year – this is in line with CPI. Fellows have received the subscription increase in renewal notices. Training fees and charges for Trainees for 2024 are now available below. 

In the context of rapidly increasing costs and high inflation in both Australia and Aotearoa New Zealand, we know this may not be welcome news. We do consider that it is necessary so that we can meet our rising operating costs. In recent years, we have worked to contain increases in fees. Last year, when other Colleges increased their fees on average by 5 percent, we did not, and over the last decade we have consistently held fee increases below CPI. In addition to rising costs, we are commencing significant transformation projects to improve training and member experiences.

These include IT platforms to support our Training Management Programme, linked to our Australian Medical Council accreditation, and investment in member services technology to deliver the services you expect. The fee increase allows us to sustainably invest in these new platforms. We are also actively reviewing expenditure of the College.

The College has undergone a major re-budgeting process for the 2024 budget to increase efficiency and transparency of costs, which will continue into 2024 so we can deliver member value and conserve resources. We will be doing further work on College expenditure specifically in areas such as travel and other operational costs, but our investment needs are greater than what operational efficiencies alone can deliver.

For any member who may be experiencing financial difficulties, there are options to support you. You can opt to pay some types of fees in instalments - see our College Fees Terms and Conditions for further details or contact us for confidential assistance.

Please read the frequently asked questions below to help answer any queries you may have, and we will continue to update this with any further common questions you're asking.

Your Board welcomes your feedback; email us and your comments will be passed on to Directors.

Dr Jacqueline Small
President, RACP.

Annual Fellow subscriptions and Admission to Fellowship

including GST (if applicable)
including GST (if applicable)
Annual subscription fee 2118.00 2214.27
Annual subscription fee (overseas Fellows) 962.00* 962.00*
Life Fellowship (70 years and over) Nil Nil
Non-Fellowship subscriptions
RACPP Affiliate Member 276.10 288.65
RACPP Associate Member 774.40 809.60
FAFOEM Affiliate Member 1058.20 1106.30
CCCH Member and AChSHM Affiliate Member 635.80 664.70
Non-Fellowship subscriptions (overseas)
RACPP Affiliate Member 251.00* 251.00*
RACPP Associate Member 704.00* 704.00*
FAFOEM Affiliate Member 962.00* 962.00*
CCCH Member and AChSHM Affiliate Member 578.00* 578.00*
Admission to Fellowship
Admission fee 1456.00 1522.19
Re-admission to Fellowship application fee 411.00 429.69
CPD User - non-member access
CPD User 2118.00 2214.27
CPD User (overseas) 1925.00* 1925.45
Review and Appeals fee
Review Application fee 1271.00 1328.77
Appeal Application fee 7611.00 7956.95

* Exempt from GST

Training fees

including GST (if applicable)
including GST (if applicable)
Basic and Advanced Training (Divisional) fee
Reduced fee of 50% for trainees in research – refer to Advanced Training for criteria details
3911.00* 4497.65
Post Fellowship annual training fee 3911.00* 4497.65
Faculty and Chapter Training fee  3911.00* 4497.65 
AChPM - Clinical Foundation in Palliative Medicine (6 month fee) 1956.00* 2249.40
Recognition of Prior Learning fee 408.00* 469.20
Late submission of application fee 257.00 268.69 
MyCPD Trainee Support Program Administration fee
Divisions, Faculties & Chapters 583.00 N/A
* Exempt from GST

Examination fees

including GST (if applicable)
including GST (if applicable)
Written Examinations 2153.00* 2475.95
Basic Training Clinical Examination 3221.00* 3704.15
Faculty Clinical Examinations 3221.00* N/A
* Exempt from GST

2024 fee increase

See the FAQs page for further information.

Find out about fees for overseas specialists.

See Terms and Conditions for RACP fees.

Payment deadline

Membership fees for each subscription year (1 January to 31 December) must be paid by the payment due dates.

Due date
Basic Training
Adult Medicine and Paediatrics & Child Health
30 days from notification of approval of training
Advanced Training 30 days from notification of approval of training
Division and Faculty Examinations By examination application close date
Fellowship annual subscription 1 January
Affiliate and associate member 1 January
  • Aotearoa NZ - payment by instalment is available for subscription fees and only available to trainees registered for a full year of training
  • Monthly Direct Debit option is available for certain Australian invoices

Make a payment

Fellows and trainees can make payments via MyRACP or contact us to make a payment over the phone.

We accept payment by MasterCard, Visa, American Express or BPAY (Australia only).

For your information:

  • Aotearoa New Zealand members must make their payments in New Zealand dollars.
  • Monthly Direct Debit option is available on certain invoices for Australia.
  • Paying by instalments is subject to approval by the College and available to Aotearoa NZ invoices.

Reductions and exemptions

You may be eligible for the following reductions and/or exemptions of your annual training, exam and/or subscription fees:

2024 Reduced Annual Training Fee for Trainees involved in Research (PDF)
2024 Annual Subscription Exemption form (PDF)

2023 Reduced Annual Training Fee for Trainees involved in Research (PDF)
2023 Annual Subscription Exemption form (PDF)

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