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It’s just not cricket - alcohol sponsorship impacting children (245 KB)
​​​22 January 2017 
RACP Pre-Budget Submission 2017-2018 (​115 KB) 
13 January 2017 
RACP proud to be part of Choosing Wisely launch in New Zealand  (205 KB) ​7 December 2016 
It’s time to join the dots on health and climate: RACP (259 KB) 14 November 2016 
Urgent need to tackle antibiotic resistance in New Zealand (93 KB) 4 November 2016 
Opinion piece: Improving the workers compensation claims process (206 KB) 28 October 2016
RACP links chronic physical health problems and poor mental health in young people (203 KB) 13 October 2016
Genetics, gastroenterology, cancer and screening for sexually transmitted infections: latest Choosing Wisely Australia® recommendations (198 KB) 13 October 2016
RACP offers scholarships to increase Indigenous specialist numbers (53 KB) 11 October 2016
Antibiotic Resistance - The Most Important Global Health Issue of the 21st Century  (105 KB)  21 September 2016 
Ending the abuse of children on Nauru: We must be better than this (211 KB) 18 August 2016
Specialists unite to put the brakes on Northern Territory open speed zones (73 KB) 12 August 2016
Medicines and ​an Ageing Population: New Choosing Wisely Australia Recommendations Released (337 KB) 12 August 2016
Leaked Nauru reports reinforce RACP health concerns (174 KB) ​11 August 2016
RACP welcomes Gooda Royal Commission appointment and calls for health inclusion (205 KB) 2 August 2016
RACP backs Royal Commission but urges immediate support of victims (155 KB)  27 July 2016
Call for changes to Queensland health assessments after seven cases of ‘black lung’ (321 KB) 14 July 2016
Research says doctors need to be allowed to speak out about conditions in immigration (112 KB) 1 July 2016
RACP identifies health priorities for incoming government (129 KB) 28 June 2016
RACP highlights link between health equity and reconciliation (36 KB) 3 June 2016
New rules needed for marketing infant formula, says RACP (116 KB) 30 May 2016
New Hepatitis C elimination targets (32 KB) 30 May 2016
RACP wants alcohol out of State of Origin (58 KB)  30 May 2016
The RACP welcomes additional funding for health (49 KB) 26 May 2016
International nitric oxide trial shows great results for Kiwis (116 KB) 24 May 2016
RACP calls for better care of high-risk patients on Nauru (72 KB) 18 May 2016
Climate change presents threat to global human health (45 KB) 17 May 2016
Childhood trauma linked to adult pain in adulthood (101 KB) 16 May 2016
RACP EVOLVE to feature at RACP Congress (43 KB) 16 May 2016
RACP encourages end-of-life care conversations between patients and physicians (55 KB) 12 May 2016
Federal budget sidesteps alcohol tax reform again (42 KB)  6 May 2016
RACP takes a stand on female genital mutilation (43 KB) 2​9 April 2016
Climate change contributes to growth in mosquito populations (46 KB) 2​8 April 2016
RACP calls for Manus Island detainees to be released into the community (41 KB) 2​8 April 2016
RACP supports successful and effective lockout laws in Sydney (87 KB) 2​2 April 2016
Release of children from onshore immigration detention welcomed by RACP (81 KB) 7 April 2016
RACP drives high-value patient care through EVOLVE (49 KB) 7 April 2016
 Associate Professor Mark Lane announced as RACP President-Elect (49 KB) 7 April 2016
RACP welcomes trial of Health Care Homes (172 KB) 1 April 016
RACP urges Government to lead a nationally-consistent alcohol tax reform 
(​52 KB)
23 March 2016
 RACP supports action on availability of sugary drinks in NZ schools
 (47 KB)
17 March 2016
 More to be done to Close The Gap (4​7 KB) 17 March 2016
 RACP and its specialty societies continue support of Choosing Wisely (175 KB) 16 March 2016
 Anti-ageing advocate headlines International Medical Symposium (88 KB) 10 March 2016
 Bittern trainee physician awarded Indigenous Health Scholarship (137 KB) 8 March 2016
 RACP and RANZCP release updated Alcohol Policy (69 KB) 3 March 2016
 Calling last drinks on promoting alcohol to children via sport (1 MB) 3 March 2016
 RACP ​supports ​lock ​out laws (4​5 KB) 17 February 2016
 RACP stands united with doctors at Lady Cilento (46 KB) 15 February 2016
 Cannabis legislation welcome but accessibility and dosage still an issue 
 (85 KB) 
10 February 2016
 Work still needed to close the gap (PDF 83KB) 10 February 2016
 RACP supports doctors who risk jail time (PDF 89KB) 4 February 2016
 RACP disappointed in High Court ruling against asylum seekers (85 KB) 3 February 2016
 RACP: vaccination prevents infectious diseases and  saves lives (88 KB) 2 February 2016
 RACP: travellers must follow government warnings(86 KB) ​29 January 2016
 Lack of legislation putting Australian youth at risk (43 KB) 19 January 2016
 Paris Climate Deal – action now needed - say physicians (PDF 44 KB)
15 December 2015
RACP welcomes global climate deal (PDF 159 KB) 14 December 2015
RACP leads global medical campaign at Paris’ COP21 (PDF 212 KB) 11 December 2015
RACP hosts key architect of Obamacare (PDF 44 KB) 10 December 2015
Doctors and physicians to march for a healthier future (PDF 180 KB) 27 November 2015
RACP supports release of first Australian Atlas of Healthcare Variation (PDF 160 KB) 26 November 2015
Medical community unites to support ending violence against women (PDF 164 KB) 24 November 2015
Australia must act to remain world's 'lucky' bacteria resistant country (PDF 211 KB) 19 November 2015
Calls from medical groups to release all children from detention intensify (PDF 161KB) 13 November 2015
Road toll - counting the human cost of speed (PDF 353KB) 13 November 2015
Young people need better access to sexual health care (PDF 180KB) 13 November 2015
Young people need better access to sexual health care (New Zealand) (PDF 180KB) 13 November 2015
RACP demands government transfer pregnant woman on Nauru to Australia (PDF 161 KB) 6 November 2015
National support from medical groups to release all children from detention (PDF 159 KB) 30 October 2015
RACP welcomes National Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Implementation Plan (PDF 158 KB) 23 October 2015
Disaster planning needs input from rehabilitation physicians (PDF ​45 KB)  15 October 2015 
Support for National Rehabilitation Strategy in New Zealand (PDF ​96 KB)  14 October 2015
A holistic approach to rehabilitation care is crucial (PDF 60KB)  14 October 2015
RACP rallies medical community on health impacts of climate change (PDF ​70 KB)  12 October 2015
RACP supports calls to release all children from detention (PDF ​234 KB)   12 October 2015
RACP 'Day of Global Action' (PDF 174 KB)  7 October 2015
International speakers address the future of rehabilitation medicine (PDF 176 KB)  7 October 2015
Medical profession have important role in health care reform (PDF 158 KB) 29 September 2015
RACP supports the MBS Review to focus on quality patient care (PDF 160 KB)
28 September 2015
RACP urges Government to release children from detention (PDF 172 KB) 24 September 2015
RACP calls on clinicians to partner in health care reform (PDF 159 KB)  18 September 2015
RACP welcomes Australia's response to increase refugee intake (PDF 248KB)  9 September 2015
Senate report confirms that Nauru detention is no place for children (PDF 172 KB) 1 September 2015
RACP welcomes crackdown on sale of e-cigs to minors in NSW (PDF 166 KB) 31 August 2015 
Opioid addiction a health crisis (PDF 209 KB) 31 August 2015 
More medical cannabis research needed (PDF 157 KB) 27 July 2015
RACP calls for greater transparency ahead of Trans-Pacific trade talks (PDF 176 KB)  27 July 2015
Professor Priscilla Kincaid-Smith - remembering a medical icon (PDF 164 KB) 23 July 2015
Physicians vote down bid to change College Constitution (PDF 162 KB) 9 July 2015
Black day for health professionals (PDF 158KB) 1 July 2015
RACP welcomes report on the harmful use of alcohol among Indigenous Australians (PDF 219KB) 30 June 2015
Climate Change - health impacts require urgent action (PDF 159KB) 23 June 2015
RACP unites health groups to fight gag on doctor (PDF) 177KB) 20 June 2015
RACP NZSG need for a National bowel cancer screening program (PDF 81KB) 10 June 2015
RACP divesting from fossil fuels (PDF 160KB) 10 June 2015
Doctors gagged from talking about health of detainees outrageous(PDF 163KB) 9 June 2015
Understanding and treating transgender adolescents(PDF 180KB) 27 May 2015
Taking a stand against physical punishment of children(PDF 179KB) 26 May 2015
RACP calls for life-saving changes to newborn screening(PDF 176KB) 26 May 2015
Time has come to end the torment and release asylum seekers(PDF 225KB) 25 May, 2015
National conversation essential to improving end-of-life care(PDF 219KB) 25 May, 2015
Experts to discuss leading healthcare issues at Congress 2015(PDF 180KB) 22 May, 2015
Leading physicians to convene for RACP Congress 2015(PDF 191KB) 18 May, 2015
RACP warns against complacency about Australian alcohol consumption(PDF 159KB) 07 May, 2015
RACP welcomes plan to ban sale of e-cigarette to minors(PDF 160KB) 06 May, 2015
RACP calls for climate change action(PDF 200KB) 06 May, 2015
There is no place for capital punishment(PDF 155KB) 05 May, 2015
RACP calls for immunisation action(PDF 165KB) 30 April, 2015
RACP welcomes ‘Choosing Wisely Australia’(PDF 41KB) 29 April, 2015
RACP welcomes Medicare Review(PDF 133 KB) 22 April, 2015
Protecting children report(PDF 160KB) 01 April, 2015
RACP calls for commitment to alcohol reform ahead of NSW election(PDF 88KB) 27 March, 2015
A ‘fit note’ not a ‘sick note’ is the key to good health in the workplace(PDF 138KB) 27 March, 2015
RACP applauds new era of medicine(PDF 84KB) 25 March, 2015
RACP backs Tasmanian tobacco ban(PDF 85KB) 25 March, 2015
RACP welcomes funding for Specialist Training Program (PDF 59KB) 19 March, 2015
Health groups unite to call on the Government to release children from immigration detention(PDF 249KB) 18 March, 2015
World leaders in addiction medicine to gather in Melbourne(PDF 148KB) 17 March, 2015
Ketamine: a world view needed(PDF 238KB) 12 March, 2015
Opinion Piece: Medicinal cannabis - a wicked problem? (PDF 43KB) 27 February, 2015
RACP paediatricians back Human Rights Commission(PDF 122KB) 24 February, 2015
RACP seeks guarantee that Government will protect medical research funding (PDF 83KB) 18 February, 2015
Opinion piece: Saving all life (PDF 26KB) 16 February, 2015
Child detention: end this shameful bipartisan policy (PDF 90KB) 13 February, 2015
Minister must release children from detention(PDF 90KB) 12 February, 2015
Gains being made, but efforts must be sustained to close the gap in Indigenous health(PDF 268KB) 12 February, 2015
Supporting calls to release children from detention (PDF 85KB) 27 January, 2015
RACP calls for commitments on medical training, research and Indigenous health ahead of QLD election (PDF 88KB) 27 January, 2015
Opinion piece - Big Tobacco: New lies, same agenda(PDF 138KB) 16 January, 2015


2​9 April 2016

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