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Safe, warm and well-fed: Making it the norm (13 December 2018)

The RACP responds to new data released by medical charity Medecins Sans Frontieres concerning offshore detention (3 December 2018)


Royal Australasian College of Physicians calls for end to medical crisis in offshore detention (30 November 2018)

Invest in early warning systems: Doctors fear mosquito-borne disease outbreaks in changing Australian climate (29 November 2018)

Physicians call on incoming Victorian government to maintain Richmond safer injecting room  (22 November 2018)

Doctors warn against prescribing unnecessary antibiotics for asthma (11 November 2018)

RACP welcomes Government plan but refugee kids cannot wait for months (1 November 2018)


No time to play politics: RACP urges immediate transfer of all remaining children and their families from Nauru (25 October)

RACP implores Government to address medical crisis escalating on Nauru (17 October)

RACP welcomes COAG review of silica exposure standards and register (13 October 2018)

RACP welcomes COAG consideration of Silicosis at its meeting today (12 October 2018)

Minimum alcohol prices to tackle WA alcohol epidemic (12 October 2018)

RACP raises grave concerns for refugee children on Nauru (11 October 2018)

Call for regulators to address public health crisis in the artificial stone benchtop industry (10 October 2018)

Children and families in immigration detention is a health emergency: NZ paediatricians (4 October 2018)


RACP backs Kids Off Nauru campaign (27 September 2018)

Doctors welcome progress report on child health and development (19 September 2018)

RACP and SPC partner up to build health capacity in the Pacific (10 September 2018)


Fewer rheumatological tests required (30 August 2018)

Calls for Australian Government to end its policy of offshore processing (28 August 2018)

RACP congratulates Greg Hunt and Ken Wyatt on their ministerial appointments (27 August 2018)

Doctors welcome floor price for alcohol in NT (24 August 2018)

Minister Farmer must act now to stop 150 young Queensland kids losing childhood in jail (9 August 2018)


Physicians welcome My Health Record system (27 July 2018)

RACP backs statement promoting integrity and ethics in healthcare (25 July 2018)

Public health response needed to manage syphilis outbreak (18 July 2018)

Doctors support proposal to tackle alcohol-related harm (12 July 2018)

Experts call for ban on ‘Real Bodies - The Exhibition’ (11 July 2018)

Make pregnancy health warning labels mandatory for alcohol products (4 July 2018)

We need action on sugar not promises - doctors (3 July 2018)


RACP President pays tribute to outgoing CEO (27 June 2018)

Terminally ill asylum seeker should have palliative care (20 June 2018)

Physicians acknowledged in Queen’s Birthday Honours (14 June 2018)


Time to rethink how we prevent and treat obesity: NZ physicians and paediatricians (24 May 2018)

Changing of the guard at RACP (16 May 2018)

RACP releases new position statement to tackle obesity (16 May 2018)

Enabling gender equality in medicine (15 May 2018)

Paediatricians launch position paper to address inequities in child health (14 May 2018)

New resource to help health stakeholders improve health services for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander patients (14 May 2018)

RACP releases Indigenous Strategic Framework (14 May 2018)

Creating sustainable healthcare for the future (14 May 2018)


Drug testing trial will hurt, not help Australians on welfare (23 April 2018)

Submission on drug testing trial (20 April 2018)

$2.5 million in Fellowships to further research and improve clinical care (16 April 2018)

Doctors warn against unnecessary CT scans in children presenting with new onset seizures (16 April 2018)

RACP election results announced (11 April 2018)

March for asylum-seekers in detention (7 April 2018)


Opinion piece - Don’t be dopey: we owe it to patients not to rush to medicinal cannabis (27 March 2018)

Inquiry commences into RACP computer-based exam (12 March 2018)


Media Statement from the Royal Australasian College of Physicians Board: Basic Training Written Divisional Exam (27 February 2018)

Media Statement - New date for Basic Training Written Divisional Exam (20 February 2018)

Media Statement - Computer Based Testing (19 February 2018) 

Medicinal cannabis: the challenge for physicians (19 February 2018)

Specialists push for investment to improve the health of Australian children (12 February 2018)

Fight to cure cancer receives funding boost (8 February 2018)

An Indigenous-led and stronger response is needed to Close the Gap (8 February 2018)

Doctors warn against unnecessary arthroscopic knee surgery (6 February 2018)


Commitment and investment needed to address syphilis epidemic (31 January 2018)

Expand telehealth services to improve access to specialist medical care (30 January 2018)

RACP calls on Government to increase investment in drug and alcohol treatment services (30 January 2018)

Response to article published in the AJP – OTC codeine death claims must stop  (29 January 2018)

Doctors urge Federal Government to commit funding to end-of-life care (22 January 2018)  

MoU to develop specialist training and education (22 January 2018)

Funding needed to improve Indigenous health (19 January 2018) 

RACP - a national strategy needed to prevent and treat obesity (13 January 2018) 

Medical specialists outline their reform agenda (13 January 2018)



Peak medical bodies to urge political leaders to improve healthcare for vulnerable asylum seekers (12 December 2017) 

Study reiterates codeine harms (11 December 2017)

Marriage Equality Bill passes (7 December 2017)

Plans to drug test welfare recipients rejected (7 December 2017)

Doctors want tighter restrictions on alcohol advertising (1 December 2017)


New guide to pregnancy and work (29 November 2017)

Doctors, lawyers, experts unite in call to raise age of criminal responsibility (21 November 2017)

Doctors welcome Royal Commission findings into youth detention (20 November 2017)

Deliver marriage equality without delay (15 November 2017)

Lack of national resolve on codeine will cost lives (4 November 2017)

Put patient health first in regulating codeine, Ministers urged (2 November 2017)

Opinion piece - end to over-the-counter purchase of codeine (1 November 2017)

Response to opinion piece in the Australian - codeine crackdown (1 November 2017)


The Lancet: climate change already damaging the health of millions globally (31 October 2017)

Physicians welcome additional funding for codeine upscheduling (27 October 2017)

Opinion piece - reducing children's exposure to alcohol advertising (25 October 2017)

Doctors welcome alcohol reforms in the Northern Territory (20 October 2017)

Open letter to Health Ministers on upscheduling codeine (18 October 2017)

Opinion piece - patient safety before profit for codeine (13 October 2017)

Opinion piece - LGBTI parenting: love it seems, is the most important ingredient (12 October 2017)

Codeine scheduling changes are about patient safety not commercial interests (7 October 2017)

Close loophole to reduce children's exposure to alcohol advertising (5 October 2017)


RACP supports changes to codeine scheduling (28 September 2017)

RACP calls for release of asylum seekers in detention (27 September 2017)

Alcohol promotion and sport - kids are the collateral damage (27 September 2017)

Unnecessary xrays for children, meds risky for those 65+ and better support for keeping people at work among medical recommendations (25 September 2017)

Doctors criticise gay conversion therapy remarks in marriage equality debate (18 September 2017)

RACP welcomes release of modelling tools on drugs and alcohol services (18 September 2017)

New recommendations to improve Rehabilitation Medicine (18 September 2017)

Response to legal proceedings initiated by Professor Paul Komesaroff (14 September 2017)

RACP: Make whanau wellbeing the norm (12 September 2017)

Opinion piece - Make health equity the norm (11 September 2017)

RACP supports marriage equality for LGBTI Australians (8 September 2017)

Government should heed the evidence (5 September 2017)

Opinion piece - humiliating Australians on welfare is not the answer (1 September 2017)


Drug testing trial isn't necessary (30 August 2017)

RACP: Make good work the norm (23 August 2017)

Evidence shows that drug testing pilot won't work (22 August 2017)

Asylum-seekers must be transferred for safe care (22 August 2017) 

RACP: Make healthy housing the norm (18 August 2017)

Doctors saving patients and planet too (17 August 2017)

RACP: Make health equity the norm (10 August 2017)

Drug and alcohol measures will not work (4 August 2017)

New Evolve recommendations to improve obstetric and paediatric care (3 August 2017)


World Hepatitis Day - tackling a global health threat (27 July 2017)

Seal the loophole for alcohol advertising and sports (10 July 2017)

RACP submission to Northern Territory alcohol review (7 July 2017)


Doctors to explore health issues in Refugee Week 2017 (20 June 2017)

Disability support pension changes flawed (20 June 2017)

RACP supports release of Second Australian Atlas of Healthcare Variation (7 June 2017)


RACP urges Government to abandon welfare drug testing plans (31 May 2017)

RACP calls for health equity in all government policies (26 May 2017)

A leader who listens improves mental health of workers (10 May 2017)

RACP welcomes government commitment to lifting rebate freeze (10 May 2017)

Smaller, specialised hospitals - the way of the future (9 May 2017)

Much more than a gut feeling for faecal transplant patients (9 May 2017)

More needs to be known about ADHD variations (8 May 2017)

Health care system failing people with obesity (7 May 2017)


RACP submission calls for Melbourne medically supervised injecting centre (13 April 2017)

Australians concerned about the health impact of extremely hot weather (5 April 2017)


Cricket Australia drops ball with another alcohol sponsor (28 March 2017)

Parents not tuned in to health impacts of alcohol ad loophole (23 March 2017)

Doctors need to take holistic view of patient medications (23 March 2017)


Silly season is non-stop for Australian sports (22 February 2017)


It's just not cricket - alcohol sponsorship impacting children (22 January 2017)

RACP Pre-Budget Submission 2017-18 (13 January 2017)

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