Specialist Training Program

The Specialist Training Program (STP) is a Commonwealth initiative to increase training for specialist registrars outside traditional metropolitan hospitals, including regional, rural and remote, and private facilities.

The STP Operational Framework outlines the aims, objective, governance and funding. It applies to the entire STP, made up of 3 complementary streams:

  • Specialist Training Placement and Support (STP)
  • Integrated Rural Training Pipeline (IRTP-STP)
  • Tasmanian Project

Fact sheet

Learn about how we administer the STP.

STP programs

Learn about the training posts we are supporting.

Rural Support Loading funding

Learn about extra funding available to regional and remote training sites.

Private Infrastructure and Clinical Supervision allowance

Learn about extra funding available to private sector training settings.

STP funding is determined via targeted application rounds run by the Department of Health and assessment by the RACP and state/territory health jurisdictions.

Acknowledgement: The Royal Australasian College of Physicians has received Australian Government funding under the Specialist Training Program.

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