RACP Online Learning

RACP Online Learning is a dedicated platform that provides easy-to-access online courses, resources, curated collections, podcasts and other dedicated learning and CPD content.


Access peer-reviewed journals across adult medicine, paediatrics and child health, and occupational and environmental medicine.

Digital health

In collaboration with the Australian Digital Health Agency, digital health resources have been developed to assist RACP Fellows and trainees to better understand digital health initiatives.

Transition into retirement

Explore the various pathways and options late-stage career Fellows can pursue as they transition into retirement.

Clinical ethics

A curated a set of resources for Fellows and trainees to assist with reflection on the role clinical ethics plays in practice and healthcare settings.

Curated Collections

An Online Learning Resource @ RACP: The collections offer key readings, courses and tools on specific topics. Contributions and peer reviews are by RACP Fellows and other experts.

Pomegranate Health Podcast

The Pomegranate Health podcast presents compelling stories about medicine and society.

Paediatric resources

Resources related to paediatrics for RACP Fellows, including links to journals, online resources, and modules.

Occupational & Environmental Medicine Resources

Resources related to Occupational & Environmental Medicine for RACP Fellows, including links to journals, publications and resources.

Rehabilitation medicine resources

Resources related to Rehabilitation Medicine for RACP Fellows, including links to journals, online resources, and modules.

Addiction medicine resources

RACP and other resources relating to addiction medicine are available to our AChAM Fellows.

Sexual health medicine resources

Browse sexual health medicine resources for RACP Fellows, including links to advocacy tools, journals, online resources and modules.

Specialty Society webinar series

Participating RACP-affiliated Specialty Societies showcase their webinar series presented by physician members across an array of topics.

Medical Knowledge Self-Assessment Program

RACP Fellows can access the American College of Physicians’ Medical Knowledge Self-Assessment Program (MKSAP) at a discounted members' rate.

NDIS Guides for Physicians and Paediatricians

A resource for physicians, paediatricians and other health professionals to access practical information that can help them navigate the scheme and support their patients.

RACP Congress

RACP Congress, our annual premier event, is the largest annual multi-disciplinary internal medicine meeting in Australasia.

International Medical Symposium

View presentations from the Tri-Nation Alliance Annual International Medical Symposium (IMS) held on Friday 22 March 2019 in Auckland New Zealand.

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