College Ceremony

College Ceremony

A new journey

Fellows have played a leading role in shaping national and international medical practice since the College was established in 1938.

Fellowship honours successful completion of training and offers you opportunities to:

  • develop skills at the forefront of your profession
  • affect change in people and communities
  • support the next generation of physicians

Today, we have around 1000 members welcomed into Fellowship each year.

Ceremony remains one of the great traditions and celebrations of the College and we encourage new Fellows, their family and guests to attend this memorable event.

New Fellows receive an email invitation to register their attendance at a College Ceremony after becoming a Fellow.

2024 Ceremonies

Sydney — Ceremony full
Saturday 18 May
International Convention Centre (ICC)

Saturday 10 August
University of Western Australia

Saturday 19 October
Adelaide Convention Centre

Saturday 23 November
Melbourne Town Hall

An email invitation to register for Ceremony has been sent to eligible Fellows.

About Ceremony

General FAQs

I've received my Fellowship, when will I receive an invitation to attend a Ceremony?

Invitations are emailed to new Fellows when ceremony dates and locations are confirmed.

What if I can’t attend?

Contact us to go on a waitlist for the following year’s ceremonies. We will email you an invitation for another date.

What if I’ve not received an invitation?

New Fellows can contact us to be added to a waitlist for a future Ceremony.

How many Convocation Ceremonies are held each year?

We are resuming our normal schedule of 3 to 4 ceremonies each year:

  1. In the city where our annual Congress event will be for that year.
  2. Usually in the larger capital cities, Melbourne, Sydney or Brisbane.
  3. When possible, we host a regional Ceremony in alternating Australian states.
  4. Every second year we host a Ceremony in Aotearoa New Zealand.
Do I have to wait to attend a Ceremony in my home city?

No, invitations for larger Ceremonies are sent to all new Fellows. For smaller regional or Aotearoa NZ ceremonies, invites are sent to those residing in that state or based in New Zealand.

When I receive an email invitation does this automatically secure me a spot at Ceremony?

No, you'll need to register for the event to secure your spot. Places fill up quickly so it's recommended to register as soon as you receive the invitation.

If I don’t accept an invitation to Ceremony, will I receive another one?

You won't receive another automatic invite unless you contact us to go on a waitlist.

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