College Learning Series

The College Learning Series (CLS) is a comprehensive online library of lectures, viewable on any device, and targeted at basic trainees.

Lectures are mapped to the new Basic Training Knowledge Guides and are clinically reviewed before they go live.

The CLS relies on the volunteered time and effort of more than 100 dedicated Fellows across Australia and Aotearoa New Zealand and is supported by several equally dedicated trainees.

The CLS is free to all College members and lectures are updated regularly.

Consultations with committees and member groups are ongoing and critical to ensuring the CLS meets the educational needs of basic trainees.

The Adult Medicine Program includes an annual series of 130 to 150 lectures, uploaded throughout the year. The Paediatrics & Child Health Program of lectures is currently in development, with the first content live since 11 June 2019. New content is regularly uploaded.

The CLS builds on the locally administered Physician Education Program (PEP) lectures. In 2017, the RACP Board decided it would be appropriate to expand the PEP Program to permit access for all trainees and to allow the recruitment of a wider pool of contributing lecturers.

Professor Judith Savige coordinated the PEP lectures for over 20 years, supported by a large group of Victorian Fellows who have been committed contributors to the series. The final PEP lectures were delivered at the end of 2017, before the CLS launched in early 2018.  The full 2017 catalogue of PEP lectures can be viewed on the CLS.

Feedback and queries are welcomed by the CLS team and can be sent to

The CLS is a part of Online Learning Resources @ RACP.

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