AFOEM resources

AFOEM Annual Training Meeting


President's Address (PDF) | Dr Warren Harrex
Stage A Exam - How I studied (PDF) | Dr Helena Hurst
Epidemiology for AFOEM trainees (PDF) | Professor Karen Walker-Bone
Stage B Exam Preparation (PDF) | Dr Jack R Dale
Design as medicine for the ills at work: The role of the occupational physician (PDF) | Dr Sara Pazell

Past years


Environmental influences on health, assessment and communications (PDF) | Dr Jen Martin
Critical appraisals of occupational epidemiology papers (PDF) | Professor Malcolm Sim
What constitutes a sound IME (PDF) | Dr Mary Wyatt
What constitutes a sound occupational physician IME report? (PDF) | Mr Oriano Bianchin
An integrated approach to returning to work with mental illness (PDF) | Dr Dielle Felman and Dr Andrea James
Spirometry (PDF) | Ms Brigitte Borg
Audiology - A brief overview of accoustic shock (PDF) | Mrs Myriam Westcott
Sleep medicine and the role of sleep studies in sleep assessment (PDF) | Associate Professor Jeremy Goldin
Occupational hygiene principles (PDF) | Mr David Wheeler
An introduction to occupational hygiene (PDF) | Mr Chris Goletsos and Mr Steve Guggenheimer
An introduction to issues with ionising radiation (PDF) | Chris Goletsos and Mr Steve Guggenheimer
Working with your Supervisor (PDF) | Dr David Goddard
Stage C - Written Communication Portfolio (PDF) | Dr Nathan Pastor
Stage C - An introduction to CPD and career opportunities (PDF) | Dr Dominic Yong

Additional resources

AFOEM ATM Learning Resources 2022


A safety critical worker with declining work performance (PDF) | Dr Bruce Hocking and Captain Matt Stannard
Resource: Case study with answers (PDF)
Epidemiology (PDF) | Professor Tim Driscoll
Resource: Epidemiology quiz with answers (PDF)
Health surveillance (PDF) | Dr Kelvin Wooller
Overview of occupational hygiene practice (PDF) | Carmen Smith and Mitchell Thompson
Stage C Written Communications Portfolio (PDF) | Dr Nathan Pastor and Dr Sara Souter
Worksite scenarios (PDF)

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