Supervisors play an important role in supporting trainees during their physician training, guiding their learning, helping to plan and facilitate learning opportunities and providing feedback on their progress.

Basic Training ​supervision

Basic Trianing SupervisionAccess the Basic Training portal​, learn about supervisor roles​, responsibilities & how to apply, general information

Advanced Training ​supervision

Advanced Training SupervisionAccess Advanced Training portals, learn about supervisor roles, responsibilities & how to apply, general information

Director of Physician or Paediatric Education

Director of Physician or Paediatric EducationAccess the Basic Training Portal, DPE role, responsibilities​ & how to apply, operational information  ​   

Supervisor support and resources

Supervisor support and resourcesResources for ​supervisors looking to develop their supervisor teaching skills, for support​ or to support a trainee​   

Register for a Supervisor workshop

Register for a supervisor workshopRegister for upcoming Supervisor workshops​ - earn CPD points.

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