Candidate information

A common complaint from candidates is a lack of information provided both before and after the selection process. A well-managed and transparent selection process keeps potential candidates informed.

While your training position is advertised, there is opportunity to address candidate enquiries and update the advertised position if necessary.

Key information

The types of information you can provide to candidates as part of the selection process include:

  • confirmation of the selection criteria candidates will be assessed against
  • information about the selection process including what tools or information is considered and whether weightings apply
  • information about working as a trainee in the training program or network, including typical rosters, rotations, secondment arrangements, accommodation and travel supports
  • key contacts like the Director of Physician or Paediatrician Education, Education Support Officers and key managers or units
  • when and where interviews will be held, including a location map indicating parking options and public transport options
  • the nature of the interview process, including information such as how much time is taken, how many questions are asked, and what types of questions are asked (offer example questions)
  • names and positions of the interview panel (if or when available)
  • what paperwork is required to be brought to the interview
  • when offers for positions will be made
  • options for providing unsuccessful candidates with feedback
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