Interrupting or withdrawing from training

Interrupting your training

Interrupted training refers to an absence from your training rotations for more than 8 weeks consecutively in a training year. This includes parental leave (maternity, paternity or adoptive leave).

Use the Interruption of Training form if you're interrupting your training this year. Where possible, register your period of interruption with the RACP before you begin your interrupted training.

Note: 2024 CPD requirements are below.

Basic Training

Application for Interruption of Basic Training (DOC)

Advanced Training

Application for Interruption of Advanced Training (DOC)

Note that:

  • trainees can interrupt training as many times and as long as they want, within the parameters of the time limit to complete training
  • training periods undertaken during interruptions are not eligible for certification, unless applied for prospectively by the due date
  • a trainee can take parental leave at any time

When returning to training after an interruption of greater than:

  • 12 continuous months - trainees are encouraged to develop a Return to Training Plan in collaboration with their supervisor 
  • 24 continuous months - trainees are required to develop a Return to Training Plan in collaboration with their supervisor and get it approved by the relevant training committee

Continuing Professional Development Requirements

From January 2024, all Australian-based trainees will need to comply with the updated Continuing Professional Development (CPD) guidelines set by the Medical Board of Australia (MBA).

If you’re actively training with the College, your training will satisfy these new CPD requirements, and we will manage all administration and regulatory reporting on your behalf.

If you interrupt your training for 6 months or more and don't meet the MBA exemption criteria, you must nominate a CPD Home and meet the CPD requirements. Exemptions apply for parental or carer leave, serious illness, or other approved circumstances. See the MBA Registration Standards for more information.

To maintain access to MyCPD, you can nominate the RACP as your CPD Home for a nominal fee.

Learn more about The RACP CPD Home and the 2024 MyCPD Framework.

Withdrawing from training

Use the Withdrawal from Training form if you're withdrawing from your training program at the RACP.

Basic Training

Application for Withdrawal from Basic Training form (DOC)

Advanced Training

Application for Withdrawal from Advanced Training form (DOC)

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