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Supervisor Professional Development Program

The Supervisor Professional Development Program (SPDP) is a high-quality training program for final year Advanced Trainees and Fellows* who supervise trainees in RACP-accredited positions.

Workshop registration

You can choose any order to complete all three SPDP workshops via online forums, face-to-face or virtually.


Eligibility requirements

Only eligible supervisors can supervise trainees in RACP physician training programs.

To be an eligible supervisor, all Directors of Physician/Paediatric Education, Training Program Directors, Advanced Training Supervisors and Education Supervisors must complete:

  • SPDP 3 by the extended due date of Monday, 31 July 2023
  • SPDP 1 and 2 in line with their accreditation cycle (unless exempt)

New supervisors will have 12 months from the date they commenced supervision to complete all three SPDP workshops to become an approved supervisor.

Provisionally approved supervisors have completed the SPDP 3 workshop and are waiting for approved status.

Supervisors who are currently supervising an RACP trainee and have not met the training requirements by the due date can continue supervising until the end of the trainee’s rotation. They will not be eligible to continue after this time.

Ward Service Consultants (Rotational Supervisors) who supervise trainees are encouraged to complete SPDP 3.

Log in to MyRACP check your supervisor status and register for a workshop.


Exemption from SPDP 1 and 2 is only possible for supervisors who have both relevant education, skills and experience.

All supervisors must complete SPDP 3, including those granted exemption from SPDP 1 and 2. SPDP 3 focuses on work-based assessment and the content is specific to the trainee assessment process.

To be eligible, you must have completed both:

  • formal medical education studies or equivalent supervisor training with another medical college (e.g. RCPA)
  • a minimum of 3 years’ experience as a RACP supervisor.


Note: We may contact you for further information to support your application.


Application outcomes take up to 6 months. We'll update you on the application outcome.

Where an outcome cannot be determined, the relevant overseeing committee will make the final decision.

* Overseas Trained Physicians (OTPs) who are actively completing requirements for specialist registration are welcome to complete SPDP in preparation for supervision in the future.

Your time spent participating in SPDP can be claimed as professional development under ‘Category 2: Reviewing Performance’ of the MyCPD Framework.

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