Supervisor Professional Development Program

The free RACP Supervisor Professional Development Program (SPDP) is:

  • a three part program designed and developed specifically for Supervisors, in collaboration with leaders in education.
  • run by RACP Fellows with assistance from Member Support Officers, or online facilitated by an RACP Fellow
  • held online or in local healthcare settings and at specialty Annual Scientific Meetings.
  • able to be completed in any order.
  • three hours long with a 10-20 minute break (face-to face) or held over a five week period (online).
  • categorised as Practice Review & Improvement on the RACP's 2018 MyCPD Framework. MyCPD participants can earn up to three Continuing Professional Development credits per hour for attending SPDP workshops.

SPDP face to face workshops and online courses

SPDP 1 - Practical Skills for Supervisors

Practical Skills for Supervisors incorporates the overarching themes of developing trainee expertise and using coaching techniques to improve feedback practise. 

This workshop focuses on delivering feedback using two frameworks, the GROW model and the four areas of feedback. By using these models, supervisors can facilitate change and growth in trainees towards expert performance.


  • Develop a culture for learning
  • Provide feedback and improve performance
  • Deliver feedback in challenging situations

SPDP 2 -Teaching and Learning in Healthcare Settings

Teaching and Learning in Healthcare Settings provides teaching strategies to manage and overcome challenges supervisors face in a complex healthcare setting. Strategies include planning for learning, differentiated instructions for multi-level groups, and using teaching techniques such as questioning. 

This workshop explores some cultural aspects that may impact on learning, including the hidden curriculum, tribalism and the need for effective role modelling.


  • Outline challenges supervisors face in the healthcare setting
  • Identify strategies to maximise teaching opportunities
  • Evaluate personal attitudes, beliefs and behaviour and influence on supervisory practice
  • Assess workplace culture issues that can affect education experiences

SPDP 3 - Work-based Learning and Assessment

Work-based learning and assessment is a complex and necessary part of physician training. The challenges of undertaking work-based learning and assessment amidst the complexities of the healthcare environment are many and varied. This workshop offers techniques and solutions to these challenges that will help supervisors in their vital role.


  • Discuss the purpose and importance of work-based learning and assessment
  • Analyse the process of planning for learning and assessment
  • Identify the challenges and solutions associated with work-based assessment in a complex environment
  • Draw on evidence of learning and achievement to determine overall performance and progression

Register for a supervisor workshop

Host a SPDP face to face workshop

Contact your local Member Support Officer or the Supervisor Learning Support (SLS) unit for assistance in organising a workshop at your local site or upcoming specialty Annual Scientific Meeting.

Contact Supervisor Learning Support if you are interested in hosting a SPDP workshop.

Become a SPDP online course / face to face workshop facilitator

SPDP workshop facilitators are RACP Fellows who are interested in medical education and facilitating skill based workshops with their peers. They plan, manage and provide guidance for SPDP workshops to ensure each workshop is:

  • Credible - physicians are best placed to facilitate training for their peers
  • Focussed on supervisor needs - ensure relevancy to supervisors from all training programs
  • Accessible and flexible - flexible and adaptable workshop design which can be held at ASM and in local settings

What support does the RACP provide?

  • Training for facilitators of face to face workshops (1.5 day Facilitator Training Forum)
  • Preparation of facilitator and participant workshop materials
  • Funding to cover catering, venue hire and AV (if required)
  • Onsite support from locally based Member Support Officers
  • Organisation and logistics support from the Supervisor Learning Support unit
  • For online courses, training in online facilitation with technical support and moderation provided by the Digital Learning unit
Contact Supervisor Learning Support if you are interested in becoming a SPDP workshop facilitator, or Digital Learning if you are interested in facilitating online.
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