Supervisor Professional Development Program

The Supervisor Professional Development Program (SPDP) is a high-quality training program for final year Advanced Trainees and Fellows who supervise trainees in RACP-accredited positions.

The time allowed to complete the training has been extended to take pressure off supervisors and support quality supervision. Supervisors must complete:

  • 1 x SPDP workshop by the end of 2020
  • all remaining workshops by the end of 2022

You'll be an RACP-approved supervisor (previously 'accredited supervisor') when you've completed all 3 workshops.

Note: If requested by your workplace or specialty society, we will provide your name and SPDP completion status.

Workshop content

Complete the 3-part program, face-to-face or online, in any order. Each face-to-face workshop is 3 hours or the online course is completed over 5 weeks.

SPDP is considered a 'Category 2: Reviewing Performance' activity in the 2020 MyCPD Framework. MyCPD participants will earn 3 CPD credits per hour.

SPDP 1 – Practical Skills for Supervisors

Workshop theme: Developing trainee expertise and using coaching techniques to improve feedback delivery

In this workshop, 2 frameworks are used, the GROW model and the 'Four areas of feedback'. By using these models, supervisors can facilitate change and growth in trainees and encourage expert performance.


  • develop a culture for learning
  • provide feedback and improve performance
  • deliver feedback in challenging situations

SPDP 2 – Teaching and Learning in Healthcare Settings

Workshop theme: Teaching strategies to manage and overcome challenges faced by supervisors in a complex healthcare setting

Strategies include planning for learning, differentiated instructions for multi-level groups and using teaching techniques such as questioning. The workshop explores some cultural aspects that may impact on learning, including the hidden curriculum, tribalism and the need for effective role modelling.


  • outline challenges supervisors face in the healthcare setting
  • identify strategies to maximise teaching opportunities
  • evaluate personal attitudes, beliefs and behaviour and influence on supervisory practice
  • assess workplace culture issues that can affect education experiences

SPDP 3 – Work-based Learning and Assessment

Workshop theme: Techniques and solutions for supervisors to navigate work-based learning and assessment

Work-based learning and assessment is a complex and necessary part of physician training. The challenges of undertaking work-based learning and assessment amidst the complexities of the healthcare environment are many and varied. This workshop offers techniques and solutions to these challenges that will help supervisors in their vital role.


  • discuss the purpose and importance of work-based learning and assessment
  • analyse the process of planning for learning and assessment
  • identify challenges and solutions associated with work-based assessment in a complex environment
  • draw on evidence of learning and achievement to determine overall performance and progression

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