College Council

The Board established the College Council in 2015 to act as its peak advisory body on strategic and cross-College issues.

As a senior advisory body, the Council makes recommendations to the Board by consensus.

The Council is a representative body of up to 50 Fellows and trainees that includes:

  • a representative from each of the 26 identified Education Pathways (including Chapters) within the College
  • a Fellow appointed by each RACP Division
  • a Fellow appointed by each RACP Faculty
  • a Fellow appointed by each of the seven Australian Regional Committees
  • a Fellow appointed by the New Zealand Committee; and
  • two Trainees appointed by the College Trainees’ Committee

For more information, read the College Council By-Law.

Council structure and members

RACP College Council

Dr Matthew Strack Chair
Associate Professor Nicholas Buckmaster Deputy Chair
Education stream representatives
Adjunct Associate Professor Kees Nydam Addiction Medicine
Vacant Adolescent and Young Adult Medicine
Vacant Cardiology
Dr Kathy Wu Clinical Genetics
Dr Matthew Strack Dermatology
Vacant Endocrinology
Laureate Professor Nicholas Talley Gastroenterology
Vacant General & Acute Care
Vacant General Paediatrics
Associate Professor Eddy Strivens Geriatric
Dr William Stevenson Haematology
Dr Melanie Wong
Immunology & Allergy
Professor Cheryl Jones Infectious Diseases & Microbiology
Dr Phillip Parente Medical Oncology
Vacant Neonatal & Perinatal
Dr Girish Talaulikar Nephrology
Professor Pamela McCombe Neurology
Vacant Neurology
Dr David Farlow Nuclear Medicine
Vacant Paediatric Emergency Medicine
Associate Professor Peter Poon Pallative Medicine
Vacant Respiratory Medicine
Dr Catherine Hill Rheumatology
Dr Fergal O'Donoghue Sleep Medicine
Australian regional representatives
Dr Adrian Lee NSW/ACT
Associate Professor Nicholas Buckmaster QLD
Dr Robert Van Den Berg SA
Dr Helen Rhodes WA
Dr Robert Tait NT
Dr Rajesh Raj TAS
Division, Faculty, New Zealand and trainee representatives
Dr Beata Byok AFOEM
Associate Professor Linda Selvey AFPHM
Professor Tim Geraghty AFRM
Professor Don Campbell AMD
Professor Basil Donovan AChSHM
Dr Angela Dos Santos ATSIHC
Dr Chris Pearson ChCCH
Dr Tane Taylor MHC
Dr John Holmes
New Zealand
Professor Paul Colditz PCHD
Dr Davina Buntsma Trainee
Dr Kathryn Forwood

Meeting dates

Thursday 14 March 2019 – Council Meeting – Sydney, NSW 

Saturday 4 May 2019 – Council Meeting (RACP Congress) – Auckland, NZ

Thursday 24 October 2019 – Council Meeting Strategy Day – Sydney, NSW

Contact us

For all College Council enquiries, contact the Office of the Company Secretary and Governance at

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