As one of the largest medical colleges in Australia and Aotearoa New Zealand, we provide a strong, united voice for specialist medicine.

Becoming a member

Thinking of becoming a member? We give you access to the standards, attributes and requirements you need to train to be a physician. Connect with us at career expos and universities.

Training to be a physician

As you train to be a specialist physician, membership gives you access to important resources such as:

You’re eligible for early-career research funding opportunities through the RACP Foundation and an exclusive range of offers and discounts through our Member Advantage program.

Most importantly, we guide you through your journey to becoming a specialist physician and provide access to health and wellbeing resources. We’re only a phone call, email or webchat away.

Practicing as a physician

Working as a specialist physician, you get access to professional forums with member-driven topics such as ‘Setting up in Private Practice’, and financial and business advisory expertise.

Enjoy more membership activities by:

“Involvement in College committees and activities has provided me with the opportunity to learn and develop transferable skills in policy development, advocacy and participation in governing bodies.”
— Beata Byok
All Members

Being a member means we support you throughout your career, from training through to practicing, educating the next generation and, eventually, your transition into retirement.

Your membership amplifies your voice in matters of importance to you to improve the health and wellbeing of the communities we serve.


Fellowship to the RACP is offered by invitation to trainees and Overseas Trained Physicians who meet the requirements under the College Constitution.

Honorary Fellowship

The RACP Honorary Fellowship is awarded to renowned and acclaimed members of the medical profession. The 2020 recipients were Dr Tane Taylor and Professor Russell Vinder.

Member benefits

Member Advantage, a member benefits program, provides RACP members an exclusive range of offers and discounts.


The ROC (RACP Online Community) is a private online forum and series of communities for all Fellows and trainees.

Multi-factor authentication

We’re upgrading our online services to include multi-factor authentication (MFA) to increase the safety of your personal information.

Travel arrangements and reimbursement

Member information and guidelines about RACP travel, travel insurance and expenses.


Member Satisfaction Survey

The Member Satisfaction Survey is your chance to tell the College how it’s doing and have your say.

Deed of Indemnity

College members who act in a voluntary capacity at the request of the College can obtain a Deed of Indemnity and explanatory letter from the Company Secretary and General Counsel upon request.

Contact us for a copy, referencing:

  • Deed of Indemnity for Volunteers (signed 26 September 2014)
  • Letter from KWM Deed of Indemnity for Volunteers (dated 1 October 2014)

Membership is defined in the Constitution of the RACP (PDF) under clause 2. A member can be a Fellow, an Honorary Fellow or a trainee. Other classes of membership can be issued in accordance with the rights and privileges outlined in the By-laws.

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