Area of Need assessment

Area of Need (AoN) positions are specialist positions declared by Australian state or territory government authorities in places where there is a shortage of medical specialists. These are often in rural or remote areas.

Find AoN vacancies on Australian State and Territory government health services websites.

Your employer will advise if your position is designated as AoN. After you've secured an AoN position, we assess you for suitability before you can practise.


To be eligible for an AoN assessment, you must:

*Due to the demanding nature of AoN positions, we assess your qualifications, training and experience through the specialist assessment at the same time or before the AoN application process.



There is a non-refundable fee for the AoN assessment.

AoN application submission fee 1901.00
Price includes GST.

Before applying

Collect these documents before applying for an AoN assessment:

  • declaration of AoN issued by the Health Department in the relevant state or territory
  • detailed position description in hospital letterhead
  • letter of offer of employment

Submit your application

Download and complete your application form. Submit it with all supporting documents to


We assess suitability for AoN at the same time as specialist recognition, however you can apply for AoN assessment at a later time.


From your application, we determine if you have the training and experience required for the position. You'll be found either suitable or not suitable for the position.

Supporting your AoN appointment

We only support your appointment to the AoN position if there's suitable supervision available and you're found to be substantially comparable to an Australian trained specialist during your specialist assessment.

Suitable | Complete requirements

If we determine you're suitable for the AoN position, you must complete:

  • a period of professional practice under peer review
  • other requirements as necessary

Peer review can sometimes be undertaken in a prospectively approved AoN position.

We'll determine recommendations, including restrictions, on your scope of practice and give you the outcome of the interim stage of your specialist assessment.

Not suitable | Cannot work in the AoN position

If we determine you're not suitable for the AoN position, you:

  • don't have the training or experience needed for the position
  • cannot work in the position

If you find another AoN position, you must submit a new application form.

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