Physician Training Survey

The Physician Training Survey is an opportunity for trainees and educators to share their views on workplace training.

The Survey results inform how we can best support and improve training across Australia and New Zealand. It's independently administered by research company Engine and covers broad topics aligned to the new training provider standards. We receive anonymous survey data only.

The 2020 Survey opens in June.

Results dashboard

Login to the Physician Training Survey dashboard to learn about key findings from 2018.

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Note: On 18 December 2019, the dashboard was released to Directors of Physician or Paediatric Education (network and setting), Heads of Department and setting CEOs. In early 2020, it will be open to health service CEOs and jurisdictional officials. Later in 2020, all members will have access.

Affecting change

In response to the 2018 Physician Training Surveys, we:

  • highlighted training settings and programs with high satisfaction ratings
  • encouraged settings to share effective strategies
  • provided feedback to accredited settings with more than 5 responses and asked them to act
  • identified settings with concerning responses and asked CEOs to improve training

We used the data to underpin our:


2017 Pilot Physician Training Survey key findings
2017 Pilot Physician Training Survey: Supervisor and Trainee findings

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