Moving to Advanced Training


From 2017 trainees must apply to commence Advanced Training (Divisions) within five years of the completion of Basic Training. Please see the Flexible Training Policy for more details.

You will be eligible to enter Advanced Training after completing the Basic Training Program Requirements and the Divisional Written and Clinical Examinations


You are eligible to apply for Advanced Training if you have:

  • passed your Divisional Written and Clinical examinations and satisfactorily completed 36 months of certified Basic Training
  • satisfactorily completed the mandatory (core) requirements of the Basic Training Program, as outlined in the Divisional Basic Training Program Requirements Handbook
  • submitted a certified copy of completion for the appropriate Advanced Life Support course

If you are in your final year of Basic Training, also ensure you have:

  • submitted all of the required PREP tools in accordance with your training program requirements
  • your supervisor has submitted your final Supervisor's Report. Speak with your Educational Supervisor or Director of Physician/Paediatric Education to ensure that it is submitted on time

The process and due dates for applying for Advanced Training depends on the Advanced Training Program that you would like to enter. Before you apply, you will also need to secure an Advanced Training position in an accredited training site.

Find out more about the Advanced Training Programs

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