Moving to Advanced Training



From 2017, trainees must apply to commence Advanced Training (Divisions) within 5 years of the completion of Basic Training. The Flexible Training Policy has details.

You’re eligible to apply for Advanced Training if you have:

  • passed your Divisional Written and Clinical Examinations
  • satisfactorily completed 36 months of certified Basic Training
  • satisfactorily completed the mandatory (core) requirements of the Basic Training Program, as outlined in the Divisional Basic Training Program Requirements Handbook
  • submitted a certified copy of the appropriate Advanced Life Support course completion

If you’re in your final year of Basic Training, ensure:

  • you submit all required PREP tools in accordance with your training program requirements
  • your supervisor submits your final Supervisor's Report. Speak with your Educational Supervisor or Director of Physician/Paediatric Education to ensure that it is submitted on time

COVID-19 changes

We understand that the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic is affecting states variously. In keeping with the education and training principles trainees unable to complete required assessments or training due to the affect of the pandemic are asked to advise their Training Committee as soon as possible.

The provisional Advanced Training (pAT) pathway was available to 2020 DCE candidates only and expired once the 2020 DCE was delivered. For 2021 DCE candidates in states where exam delivery was significantly impacted by COVID-19 the College put in place processes to support these trainees. This was completed in February and March 2022 with the completion of the 2021 DCE short cases for PCH candidates.

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