Affiliate and associate members

What is an affiliate or associate member?

RACP Divisions, Faculties and Chapters have a number of affiliate or associate memberships available to medical professionals who work within a similar or aligned area of practice to physicians represented by that particular Division, Faculty or Chapter.

These memberships offer access to professional resources, news, and events and activities of the respective Division, Faculty or Chapter.  

Find out more about the RACP Divisions, Faculties and Chapters

How do I become an affiliate or associate member?

To find out more information and to apply for an affiliate or associate membership, please email the relevant Division, Faculty or Chapter of the College stating your interest in joining the Division, Faculty of Chapter.

Write to a Division, Faculty or Chapter from the contact the RACP page.

NOTE: Some affiliate and associate memberships are currently closed to new members.

What are the fees for affiliate or associate membership?

Associate and affiliate members pay an annual membership fee.

See the full list of fees.

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