Continuing Professional Development

In a healthcare context, Continuing Professional Development (CPD) consists of a range of activities undertaken to maintain clinical skills and knowledge, as well as competence in the delivery of patient-centred care.

CPD participation is a requirement for medical registration and annual recertification of medical practitioners in Australia and Aotearoa New Zealand. For more information, see: 

RACP Fellows can use the RACP ‘MyCPD’ program to record their CPD activities throughout the year. Non-Fellow medical practitioners can also gain access to the program by paying an annual subscription fee. RACP Advanced Trainees can also be granted access upon request. Please contact the MyCPD Unit for further information at or

If you are selected for the annual RACP MyCPD audit, you can find further details regarding your audit requirements in the MyCPD Interactive Handbook.


MyCPD Framework




The RACP has developed a framework to assist Fellows in meeting their CPD requirements. MyCPD is a self-reporting tool, specialists are encouraged to confidently use their professional judgement about the categories they use to claim credits for CPD activities relevant to their scope of practice. As MyCPD is a self-accredited CPD program, the RACP does not formally accredit CPD activities.

MyCPD Interactive Handbook


RACP MyCPD participants can access the MyCPD Interactive Handbook using their RACP login details. This Handbook contains helpful information on the Australian and New Zealand CPD requirements, useful guides showing you how to use MyCPD and further access to learning resources developed by the RACP.


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