Advanced Training forum

The Advanced Training Forum is a key College education body with a crucial role in establishing and maintaining alignment across Advanced Training Programs. The College Education Committee (CEC) has established the Advanced Training Forum to: 

  • harmonise all aspects of Advanced, Faculty and Chapter training program requirements and assessment across Australia and New Zealand
  • consider policy and program change from both a strategic and operational perspective and provide feedback as appropriate 
  • assist in ensuring standardisation and continuous improvement of training delivery across all specialty areas 
  • enable wider consultation and collaboration with key stakeholders, jurisdictions and Government as required
  • promote the adoption of best practice standards in training and assessment 
  • act as the forum where Education Committees and Training Committees, through their Chairs or appointed representative, can receive professional development, updates and information from the College relating to specific areas of interest, for example policy and governance related issues 
  • Select Advanced Training, Faculty or Chapter representatives to other bodies as appropriate.  

Advanced Training Forum Reports

Advanced Training Forum Report August 2016 (PDF 1MB)

Advanced Training Forum Report May 2015 (PDF 1.9MB)

Advanced Training Forum Report Oct 2014 (PDF 199KB)

Advanced Training Forum Report May 2014 (PDF 101KB)

Advanced Training Forum Report Dec 2013 (PDF 266KB)


Advanced Training Forum Presentation Slides

Advanced Training Forum Presentation Slides 4 May 2015 (PDF ​1.8MB)

Advanced Training Forum Videos

Advanced Training Forum Presentation Videos 20 October 2014 

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