Better practice in paediatrics – Pomegranate podcast

Date published:
14 Dec 2016

The latest episode of Pomegranate – the RACP podcast, 'Better practice in paeds' explores the rationale behind the top five recommendations in the Evolve general paediatrics list and some alternatives that paediatricians can adopt to improve their practice.

In Australasia, Evolve is the RACP’s initiative to minimise clinical practices that aren’t supported by the current evidence base, and stems from the international healthcare campaign Choosing Wisely.

Evolve has recently published a list of the top five practices in general paediatrics that need to be pulled back.

Developed in consultation with Fellows from the RACP Paediatrics and Child Health Division, its recommendations are:

  1. Do not routinely prescribe oral antibiotics to children with fever without an identified bacterial infection.
  2. Do not routinely undertake chest radiography for the diagnosis of bronchiolitis in children or routinely prescribe salbutamol or systemic corticosteroids to treat bronchiolitis in children.
  3. Do not routinely order chest radiography for the diagnosis of asthma in children.
  4. Do not routinely treat gastroesophageal reflux disease (GORD) in infants with acid suppression therapy.
  5. Do not routinely order abdominal radiography for the diagnosis of non-specific abdominal pain in children.

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