Curricula Renewal

We are renewing the curricula for our 38 Advanced Training programs to ensure they remain globally respected and trusted.

The Advanced Training Curricula Renewal project aims to:

  • place more emphasis on competency in training
  • align the training programs with the RACP curricula frameworks and models
  • update and rationalise existing curricula content and training requirements

To achieve these aims, the new curricula will embed key features of contemporary medical education. Discover more about our design principles and the supporting evidence base with these at-a-glance guides:

Curriculum standards

The educational objectives of an Advanced Training program

Learning, teaching and assessment

How the curriculum standards are delivered and assessed

Specialty development

Curriculum renewal for Advanced Training specialties is underway.

Case for change

Medical practice
Developments in medical practice

As recognised best practice in medicine continues to evolve, our education programs need to adapt to remain current.

Education and assessment
Evolving best practice in education and assessment

Supporting a shift towards regular workplace assessments in place of point in time examinations.

ATCR technology advancement
Technology advancement

Technology is not only driving changes in how we deliver care but creating opportunity in how we educate the next generation of physicians.

Trainee expectations and wellbeing
Trainee expectations and wellbeing

The next generation of trainees expect greater flexibility in their learning with regular check-ins allowing them to recalibrate. Feedback from trainees is that the stress of a singular focus on high stakes point-in-time examinations is detrimental to wellbeing and lifelong learning.

Patient, consumer, and employer expectations
Patient, consumer, and employer expectations

The next generation of physicians need not only be medical experts but accountable leaders and communicators with sound business acumen.

Accreditation requirements
Accreditation requirements

The AMC and MCNZ have standards and conditions that RACP is required to meet to maintain accreditation.

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