Becoming a Physician

Admission to Fellowship

Approval of training requirements

Eligible trainees and overseas trained physicians (OTPs) who have successfully completed training requirements are recommended by the College to the relevant Education or OTP committee and appropriate Division, Faculty or Chapter for approval to be admitted to Fellowship.

Applying for Fellowship

After approval of training has been confirmed an email invitation from Member Services will be sent to approved trainees and OTPs with instructions on how to apply online for admission to Fellowship.

After Admission

Confirmation of Fellowship

Shortly after completing the admission to Fellowship application and paying the associated fees, new Fellows receive a confirmation letter from the President via email confirming training and Fellowship.

New Fellows can use their confirmation letter when registering as a physician with APHRA or MCNZ.

Contact us if a hard copy confirmation letter is required.

Testamur (Fellowship Certificate)

New Fellows will receive their testamur via registered post within a few months of receiving their confirmation of Fellowship letter.

Registration with a Regulatory Body


Before new Fellows can practise as a specialist or consultant physician in Australia they must register with the Medical Board of Australia via AHPRA.

Apply for recognition as a specialist or consultant physician with Medicare to provide services to private patients that attract Medicare benefits at specialist or consultant physician rates.

New Zealand

New Fellows are eligible to apply for vocational registration with the Medical Council of New Zealand to practice as a consultant physician.

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