Adult Medicine Division

What is the role of the Adult Medicine Division in Policy and Advocacy at the RACP?

The Adult Medicine Division (AMD) is active in advocating and providing advice on a wide variety of national health policy issues, including national clinical care standards and guidelines, quality use of medicines, and reviews of health policy and programmes conducted by Government departments, agencies and statutory bodies. 

Specialty Societies are the subject-matter experts for their fields of specialty practice and bring their perspective to RACP policy and advocacy work. The RACP defers specialty-specific matters to specialty societies or will collaborate on a response or position.

The RACP’s EVOLVE initiative is a physician-led process that supports the provision of high-value, contemporary clinical care through the identification and reduction of unnecessary interventions.
A significant number of College-affiliated specialties are working on the development of their ‘top 5’ low value items, and the AMD has greatly assisted the liaison with the Specialty Societies on this important initiative.

Recent submissions, position statements and media

How can I contribute my expertise?

RACP Trainees and Physicians need to see Represent Your Profession or email or use the online contact form.

Where can I read more?

Read published RACP policies, position statements or submissions by searching the Policy and Advocacy Library or view the latest Policy Submissions.   
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