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The Paediatrics Basic Trainee Year 1 is responsible for the day-to-day management of private and public inpatients and outpatients within the Hospital and provides after hours emergency cover at the hospital.

These positions include rotations in:

  • General Paediatrics
  • Neonatal and Paediatric Intensive Care (NPICU)
  • and Paediatric Surgery

The Paediatrics Basic Trainee Year 1 positions are accredited for basic training. It’s suited to applicants in, or interested in, joining the paediatric training program with at least 6 months of Paediatric experience.

Our department offers a truly extraordinary range of experience for Paediatric trainees with excellent consultant support on-site.

As of 2022, we’ll offer 1-2 positions in a Paediatric Basic Trainee Stream (BT Stream).

BT Stream

A successful applicant to the BT Stream is granted a 3-year position, to fulfill all basic trainee requirements.

Stream positions have 2 entry pathways:

  1. BT1 junior registrar positions
  2. BT Registrar positions if entering as the first year on the training program

The BT Stream would be structured as follows:

Year 1 | BT1 role as described above – 4 months each of NPICU, Paediatric Surgery, and General Paediatrics

Year 2 | Registrar – General Year - 3 months in Emergency, 3-6 months in General Paediatrics at RHH, and 3-6 months in a regional hospital (Launceston General or Northwest Regional)

Year 3 | Registrar – Tertiary year – rotation from RHH to Royal Children’s Hospital, Melbourne, or Women’s and Children’s Hospital, Adelaide.

Note: Trainees are not required to continue for all three years, and adjustments to this program may be made on request on an individual basis within the capacity of the RHH Program. Years 2 and 3 in the program are subject to satisfactory performance and continued funding of all posts.


To be eligible to apply for Basic Paediatric Physician Training (BPPT) in Tasmania, candidates must have:

  • a medical degree accredited by the Australian Medical Council (AMC)
  • general medical registration with the Medical Board of Australia
  • successful training time in a pre-vocational medical role

Check the current campaign for updates about state-wide Paediatric SRMO position dates for the annual medical recruitment campaign for the 2022 clinical year.


Entry into Basic Training involves first securing employment as a Paediatric SRMO. You may then apply to join the basic paediatric training program directly through your local DPE. Once you’ve secured employment, speak to the Director of Physician Education (DPE) at your site to directly apply to join the training program.

The Tasmanian Department of Health and Tasmanian Health Service run an annual recruitment campaign for doctors in training.

Online application

Submit one online application form for a specific Paediatric Junior Registrar (BT1). The form includes information on your location, eligibility to work in Australia and details of referees. You should attach a CV, a cover letter, and the Paediatric Trainee Data form.


You‘re required to nominate 3 referees, at consultant level, during the online application process:

  • 1 x referee from your current or most recent employer
  • 1 x from the past 12 months
  • 1 x your choice


The training committee is looking for trainees who:

  • have appropriate experience in paediatrics
  • demonstrate evidence of dedication to, and interest in, the medical care of children
  • demonstrate valuable paediatrician characteristics

Selection criteria and process

The selection process is determined by the employing hospital. Your suitability for Tasmanian Health Service roles is assessed based on:

  • a review of your application
  • referee reports,
  • an interview
  • an assessment of workforce sustainability

A selection panel consisting of 2 or more appropriate Senior Clinicians (Consultants) conducts the selection process. The panel scoring is based on predetermined criteria to ensure equity.


If you reach the interview stage, you’re required to attend an interview run by the employing hospital. You’ll be notified as soon as possible once initial assessment of application and referee reports have been completed.

Ranking and offers

The recruitment process' conclusion may differ between hospitals and it’s standard practice for all applicants to be ranked in order of merit. First-round offers are made as soon as possible, followed by second-round offers and so on as required. You’ll be one of the first applicants offered a position, and stream preference consideration, if you’ve attained the one of the highest scores.

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