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The Victorian Basic Paediatric Training Consortium (VBPTC) oversees basic paediatric training across 16 Victorian health services including The Royal Children’s Hospital (RCH), Monash Children’s Hospital (MCH), outer metropolitan, regional and rural adjunct training programme sites.


To enter the Victorian Basic Paediatric Training program (BPT), candidates must gain a centrally recruited accredited basic training position. These positions are available at each of the 3 levels of training:

  1. Junior Resident Medical Officer (JRMO) year
  2. Senior Resident Medical Officer (SRMO) year
  3. the Registrar year

Entry into training at JRMO and Registrar years are recruited by The Royal Children’s Hospital (RCH) and the entry into training at the SRMO year is recruited by Monash Children’s Hospital (MCH).

The 3-year BPT program rotates trainees through tertiary, outer metropolitan, regional and rural paediatric health services within Victoria.

The VBPTC is committed developing the Victorian regional and rural paediatric workforce by supporting Basic Paediatric Training pathways in rural settings. The Consortium established a rural basic training pathway known as the Extended Rural Stream (ERS). The ERS allows trainees, who hope to become rural paediatricians to spend at least half of their basic training time in rural hospitals while still meeting all of the training requisites of the RACP. The ERS positions are aimed at people who would like to spend more time in rural settings and hope to become rural paediatricians.

Key dates

Check the RCH website for updates

2024 clinical JRMO position dates within the RCH recruitment campaign:

Information evening

Week of 15 May 2023

Applications open

15 May 2023

Applications close

4 June 2023

Candidates invited to interview will be contacted

7 July 2023

Interviews (multiple mini interviews)

17- 28 July 2023

Candidates advised of outcome

By 16 August 2023


To be eligible you must have:

  • current general medical registration in Australia or New Zealand
  • satisfactorily completed at least one intern year (PGY1+)

Most trainees enter the VBPTC in the JRMO year. To do this, candidates must apply for an accredited JRMO position* via the RCH website.

* Not all JRMO positions are accredited.

Entry into training may also occur in the SRMO or registrar year, if applicants are successful during the central recruitment process and pending approval from the Directors of Paediatric Education (DPEs).

Once you’ve secured an accredited training position, you’ll be allocated a DPE and Educational Supervisor (ES). Using these details, you can apply through the RACP website to be an official paediatric trainee.


Applications for a JRMO role must be submitted via the RCH e-recruitment system. The advertisement and RCH website will contain all relevant information pertaining to recruitment. An information session will be conducted in May each year to elaborate further.

Training providers are looking to select candidates into the VBPTC who will successfully complete the training program and become great paediatricians.


If you're shortlisted, you’ll be invited to participate in an online Multiple Mini Interview (MMI). Full details of the process will be made available to all applicants scheduled for interview.

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For more information on VBPTC, please refer to the VBPTC website or contact Ms Abbey Gordon, VBPTC Statewide Coordinator, at

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