Fee Reimbursement Initiative Guidelines

This information supports eligible Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander, Māori and/or Pasifika trainees applying for the Fee Reimbursement Initiative

Privacy information

Any information submitted as part of the Fee Reimbursement Initiative Application Form (Application Form) will be retained securely, handled, and stored in accordance with the RACP Privacy Policy and treated as confidential except for the purpose of further assessing a trainee’s suitability for the Fee Reimbursement Initiative (the Initiative) and for the College’s administrative and statistical purposes.

Review the RACP Privacy Policy for more information about privacy requirements.

Read more about College Fees Terms and Conditions

Application and assessment

An Application Form can be used to apply for one or more relevant fee reimbursements.

Applications will: 

  • only be assessed if they have met all of the eligibility criteria.
  • be prioritised for assessment in the order they are received by the College.
  • not be considered if they are incomplete or received after the closing date.
  • be assessed against the Initiative's eligibility criteria.

The assessment and outcome by the College of the Application Form is final and shall not be a decision for review under the College’s Reconsideration, Review and Appeals Process By-Law.

The procedure for assessing applications described here applies to the Fee Reimbursement Initiative only. It does not cover reimbursements under the RACP Indigenous Health Scholarship Program and other College awards that trainees may also be eligible to apply for.

Showing proof of Indigeneity

Documentation submitted as part of the Application Form to show proof of your Indigeneity (Part C) will be reviewed by the College’s Senior Indigenous team members. This documentation may be referred to the Aboriginal Health and Torres Strait Islander Health Committee (ATSIHC) for final review and decision.

Where a trainee has previously applied for the Initiative and has provided sufficient proof of their Indigeneity, the trainee is not required to re-submit this documentation for subsequent applications made to the Initiative.

Notification and written acceptance

All trainees will be notified of the outcome of their applications via email.

Trainees that receive an offer to participate in the Initiative will be notified of any terms and conditions of payment by the College. Trainees must accept their offer in writing via return email and will then be contacted by the College to confirm payment arrangements.

Payment of the fee reimbursement

It is expected that the reimbursement of funds may take up to 4 weeks once the payment arrangements have been confirmed between the College and the trainee.

Reimbursements will be made via the same payment method used initially by the trainee to pay for the annual training and/or exam/s fees being sought for reimbursement. For example, if the trainee used a credit card to pay for the nominated fee, then the reimbursement will be returned to that credit card.

Where training fees and/or exam costs are paid by the trainee in instalments, the reimbursement will be similarly paid in instalments or as per the usual method of payment agreed between the trainee and the College.

Revocation of the fee reimbursement

Participation in the Initiative may be revoked at any time by the College if the trainee, in the opinion of the College:

  • Does not meet the eligibility criteria for the Initiative. For example, if the trainee for whatever reason does not undertake the training and/or sit the exam for which the fee/s has been approved for reimbursement.
  • Does not comply with the College Code of Conduct
  • Is guilty of serious misconduct, including providing inaccurate or misleading information in their application form.

The College may also mandate a return of any fee reimbursements if a trainee is subsequently found to have not met the eligibility criteria, breached the Code of Conduct or provided inaccurate or misleading information in their Application Form during the period for which the fee was reimbursed.

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Contact Alexandra Kinsey via email at Member.Services@racp.edu.au for any questions about the Fee Reimbursement Initiative or Application Form.

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